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Colors in autumn winter decoration 2020-21

ideas para decorar la sala otoño invierno 2020-21

Surely you are wondering what are the trends and colors that will be in fashion in autumn winter 2020-2021 decoration. Well, here we tell you everything about the colors that will be super trendy to decorate the house this fall-winter. Keep reading and find out what colors you can use to decorate your home this fall and also in your Christmas decorations.

trendy colors fall winter 2020-21Gray, blue and purple room. Via Elsie Torres Interior Design

Trendy colors in autumn winter decoration 2020-21

The tones to decorate the house invite us to enjoy a warm atmosphere in which we can feel at ease. Palette colors for fall / winter comes loaded with magical tones like the rose gold, the Classic Blue, lilac, violet, metallic colors and yellow. The advantage of these colors is that they are timeless, so you can use them at home throughout the year.

trends and colors to decorate fall winter 2020-21Living room with rose gold cushions and yellow armchairs. Via Johanna Cosme Interiors

Fall winter 2020-21 colors to decorate the room

To decorate your room this fall-winter, you can bet on furniture in neutral tones and auxiliary furniture in blue and violet tones. In the following image we can see very elegant gray velvet sofa, accompanied by modern blue armchairs. On the other side of the room, elegant glass tables in blue, aqua and purple colors.

ideas to decorate the living room fall winter 2020-21Via Elsie Torres Interior Design

The Classic Blue is the color of the year 2020 and will be in fashion this fall-winter. Incorporate it into the decoration of your living room with a comfortable sectional.

ideas to decorate living room classic blueClassic Blue sofa. Via Johanna Cosme Interiors

Now, if light neutrals are your thing, a white sofa with gray or blue cushions will look very delicate.

how to decorate the room in neutral tonesRoom with neutral and metallic colors. Via Catherine Interiors

How to decorate the dining room for this fall winter

And from the living room, we go to the dining room, where you can also incorporate the colors in trend for this autumn winter 2020-21. Modern purple chairs will make your comedur look spectacular.

ideas to decorate the dining room of vuoleta fall winter 2020-21Dining room with purple chairs. Via Elsie Torres Interior Design
Ideas to decorate the dining room in blueDining room with blue chairs. Via Catherine Interiors

Decorate the family room for this one fall winter

ideas to decorate the family room in blueFamily room in shades of blue. Via Johanna Cosme Interiors

Ideas to decorate the bathroom in blue

ideas to decorate the bathroom in blueBathroom decorated in blue. Via Johanna Cosme Interiors

Colors to decorate the Christmas tree 2020 – 2021

trendy colors for the Christmas tree 2020 - 2021Christmas tree in traditional colors. Via Elsie Torres Interior Design
ideas for the Christmas tree fall winter 2020-21White and silver Christmas tree. Via Catherine Interiors
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