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15 ways to distribute furniture in a square room
As a personal exercise and to answer various questions that reach us in the mail and in the comments about how to distribute furniture in a square living room, I have created 15 plans with different arrangements of furniture in a square living room of 20 m². These meters... Read more
Just 1 Bathroom Redesigned 21 Different Ways
If you’re a fan of the Groundhog Day movie, then you’re probably going to enjoy this! Imagine this is like Groundhog day for interior design, where we get to do it over and over again until everything is just how it’s supposed to be. This is the same bathroom... Read more
6 ways to prevent moisture in your home
Did you know that moisture besides damaging your home is also harmful to the health of the people living in it? From the growth and spread of mold, super hazardous to the health of your family, to the compromised structure of the residence, there are many reasons to avoid... Read more
The thousand ways to share environments without walls (part 3)
Sharing a multifunctional environment is super important for organizing circulation, decorating and making things work well indoors. So I made this series of posts about ways to share environments (click to see the first post). This is the last one. I am sure you will find the best way... Read more
70 Ways to Decorate a Girls Room
Classic style guides this girl’s room design with the color palette composed of neutral and delicate shades of white, cream and rosé. In contrast, the mirrored wardrobe in sliding doors came into play. The furniture is easily found in stores from 1000 reais! Project: Stained Glass Architecture The planned... Read more
The thousand ways to share environments without walls (part 2)
Continuing the list of the various ways to divide walls without walls (click to see the 1st part), let’s go to more examples of very nice partitions for your integrated apartment: 6) Bookshelves: The shelf is a functional partition, which may or may not be leaked (increasing or not... Read more
The thousand ways of dividing environments without walls
I made a selection of examples of room partitions anyway. If you want to increase privacy or simply visually divide an environment, especially in small apartments or houses, see if there is any idea that fits your decor. 1)Screens – When you do not have space and want a... Read more
9 ways to distribute furniture for a couple and a baby in a 3 x 3 bedroom
It is not the best situation and you will not find miraculous solutions. A 3m x 3m room should be the minimum for the comfort of a couple, but currently the new middle-class ventures have less than that! And when the family grows, or for want of another space... Read more
12 ways to distribute furniture in a 3 × 3 room – Part 2
And let’s now see the other 6 ways you can use to distribute the furniture in your 3x3m bedroom, with its advantages and disadvantages. The first 6 are here. Distribution 7 Similar to distribution 4 of the previous post, only putting the area with more space near the window.... Read more
Offices in the TV Room: 36 Ways to Build and Decorate
An TV room can be perfectly integrated with an office. For set up an office in the living room just bet on the right furniture. Often, a bench or desk is just behind the couch! Drawers and organizers are essential to maintaining the organization. Decorative items and special lighting... Read more