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Modern bathrooms with bright and red walls + Images
Today we bring you a variant within the home interior decoration to implement in our homes. In general, the bathrooms are monotonous environments, without much decorative activity inside, classified as a minimalist bathroom. The modern bathrooms change their tendencies often and for this we in Remodeling Ideas we bring... Read more
Recycle Wood And Create 14 Very Original Crafts To Decorate Your Walls
These 14 craft ideas made with recycled wood will help you decorate your walls in a very original way. You will save a lot and your walls will look great. You will not require many materials to carry out each of these great ideas. What are you waiting for?... Read more
12 Beautiful Ideas That You Can Make Yourself To Decorate The Walls Of Your Girls’ Rooms.
Look here you are 12 beautiful ideas that you can make yourself to decorate the walls of your girls’ rooms. They are beautiful very modern and decorative ideas that you will love to decorate. Let your creativity fly with all these ideas that will surely be very useful to... Read more
Ideal Ceramics for Kitchen Walls
How about knowing what ideal ceramic for kitchen wall? Also known as tiled floors, because of its temperature, the ceramic has a huge list of advantages, among which is its great durability, price and practicality in terms of cleaning. The choice of the ideal ceramic for each type of... Read more
What color to paint the walls of the living room with brown furniture
There are too many shades of brown on furniture and too many colors to match with them to list them all and create a list of the colors to paint the walls that match brown furniture. It would be an unproductive task, in addition to titanic. Also, as we... Read more
Tileless bathrooms. Ideas for covering the walls of a bathroom without tiling
The tile in the bathroom has always been the quintessential covering: Waterproof, economical, resistant and very versatile. So it probably will always be, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t other alternatives to cover and decorate the walls of a bathroom. From paint to wallpaper and other materials such as... Read more
Home design ideas: Mid Century interior decoration, furniture and walls
Mid Century Interior is gaining popularity again. Perhaps it is a secret, hidden in its functionality, brightness and style. No wonder it was also called Mid Century Modern because it contains Scandinavian style functionality, the usual saturated colors of the American interior, modern flowing lines and natural forms in... Read more
3D Plaster Walls Perfect for Decorating the House
The 3D plaster wall is a great option for those who want to innovate in home decor, in a very modern and fun way. The models and shapes that 3D plaster walls can have are varied: geometric figures, frames, arabesques and various designs. In addition, there is the possibility... Read more
13 ideas to paint and decorate walls with gotelé
As much as they want to romanticize it, the gotelé is a hindrance to our walls, because it limits us when it comes to decorating them, since we cannot put wallpaper, among other coatings so fashionable, and how well they would be in our house. Even so, there are... Read more
40 ideas to decorate the walls
It is obvious that there are many Ideas to decorate the walls, but when we have to decorate our house, it seems that we always resort to the same. Paint, wallpaper and little else. Maybe it’s because they are two very effective resources for decorate a wall or because... Read more
15 economic ideas to decorate the walls of a childrens room
There is no reason to give up a great decoration in a children’s room due to lack of resources, since, as we will see below with these 15 economic ideas to decorate the walls of a children’s room, the only thing we need, in addition to four basic things,... Read more
30 ideas to decorate stairs: Walls, rests, railings and steps
If you are lucky (or the misfortune) to have a staircase in your home and you are reading this article, it is because you no longer know what to do with the blessed staircase to decorate it, right? Well, whether I have been successful (yes, I know I have... Read more