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10 tricks to make the room brighter that you can apply right now
There are many ways to gain light and make a brighter room. The most effective are to do work: throw a partition or open an adjacent wall and let in more light, as well as a new and efficient electrical installation with new points of light. But there are... Read more
20 very small kitchens with great space and decoration tricks
My kitchen is very, very small, just over 7 m², but I comfortably unwind in it. I love my kitchen. And that has been thanks to the fact that I have no choice but to throw ingenuity and solutions and adapt them to my space until I have achieved... Read more
17 tricks to make your room look bigger in a day
Make a room look bigger It is a really simple task, and that everyone, including you too, will be able to do with this guide to make a room look bigger than I have prepared. They are visual and physical resources, tricks and tips that always work. In any... Read more