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Wall Design Ideas and Trends: Wallpaper Trends 2020

Wall Design Ideas and Trends: Wallpaper Trends 2020

Wallpaper Trends 2020 not only focused on beauty, but also on functionality. Latest technologies enable easy cleaning, room modeling, optical illusions and environmental friendliness. Modern interior design also works on surface blemishes, and properly chosen wallpapers play an important role. Contemporary wallpapers are really good helpers for designers and residents! We will not just talk about color schemes here.
Wallpaper Trends 2018 Wall Design Ideas Modern Interior Design Wallpaper Trends 2018
Contemporary wall design ideas should be really interesting and useful to discuss.

Wallpaper Trends 2020: Aesthetics
Wallpaper Trends 2020 will please with their variety. Practicality remains important, but the aesthetic side still plays a major role in the choice of wallpapers. And it’s natural, cos wallpapers give mood for modern interior design.
Modern digital printing possibilities give a new life to simple flat wallpapers. They imitate 3D, differently structured surfaces. Changing wallpaper should only completely change your space. For example, wallpapers that simulate brickwork, cracks, bamboo, wood or even library.
Simulate Wallpaper Wallpaper Trends 2018 Wall Design Ideas Modern Interior Design Wallpaper Trends 2018

Try some “volumetric”, with natural looking bright spots. Another option: matt and glossy surfaces alternate and create 3D or embossing effects. Think of such wall design ideas – how will they look with different lighting? Anyway, it should really create modern interior design with its beautiful mysteries.

3D Effect Wallpaper Trends 2018 Wall Design Ideas Modern Interior Design Wallpaper Trends 2018
Tapestry trends 2020 sometimes lead to Wonderland! What would your wall look like when the magical forest is directly opposite? These prints give such an impressive feeling!
Light-and-Shadow-Wallpaper-Trends-2018-Wall-Design-Ideas-Modern-Interior-Design-Wallpaper Trends 2018
It is the best alternative to painting. Does it seem so easy? It is not! Textures that simulate variety, from velvet to metal, offer many possibilities to create a dreamlike interior!
New one tone shaded wall paper wallpaper trends 2018
Dip-Dye-Effect wins more and more hearts. So it came to interiors! Dip Dye Ombre wallpapers allow really amazing effects. Remember, gradient walls are already accentuated and require really aesthetic and often laconic decor!
Dip Dye Effect Wallpaper Wallpaper Trends 2018
Modern interior design: wallpaper pattern
Patterns will not leave wallpaper trends in 2020, but also new life! 60th influence brings not only clear geometry, but also psychedelic mood.

2D geometric patterned wallpapers

It is a beautiful echo from the past century in modern interior design. Strictly geometric wallpapers match Retro, Midcentury and Eclectic Styles. Try something cheerful from wall design ideas too: uneven polka dots or kids who draw style patterns.
Geometric Wallpaper Trends 2018 Wall Design Ideas Modern Interior Design Wallpaper Trends 2018

Colorful graphic backgrounds

These are psychedelic trends that we have talked about before. 60 th how mad can Scandinavian interior now be integrated! Often, these “mosaic” parts contain their own patterns. Such wall design ideas are bright by themselves. So you need quieter colored furniture and decorative elements in the foreground. However, there is one exception with a trendy trick: you can repeat the same pattern in a small fabric element.
Colorful graphic wallpaper wallpaper trends 2018
These are divided into a few large groups. Small delicate patterns are standard, look wonderful in Provence and shabby chic interior. The second trendy style can be described as enriched. Fantasy and animal images are wedged in a floral pattern. And the third kind becomes fashionable: large, well-drawn flowers look as if they came from classic canvas. It’s wallpaper trends 2020 boom!
Flower Wallpaper Wallpaper Trends 2018 Wall Design Ideas Modern Interior Design Wallpaper Trends 2018
Good alternative to molded parts!
Embossed wallpaper Wallpaper Trends 2018 Wall Design Idea modern interior design
Industrial motifs, as well as maps, ships and balloons give every interior, not just steampunk, a special romance.
Steampunk wallpaper wall design ideas
Wallpaper Trends 2020: Materials
Tapetentrends 2020 Take care of your time as well. Practicality does not rob them of beauty.

Vinyl wallpapers are very durable and easy to clean. They are available in a variety of patterns and textures, from 3D masonry to flat patterned and realistic photo wallpaper.
Non-woven wallpaper – it is also very durable option. Adhesive should be added to walls. It facilitates the gluing of wallpaper. Non-woven wallpapers can be painted. As per Wallpaper Trends 2020 you are welcome to create an interesting gradient with them. Embossed non-woven wallpapers with silk, metal and velvet textures imitation look most efficient.

Wallpaper kinds Wallpaper Trends 2018 Wall Design Idea modern interior design wall design ideas

Textile wallpapers look nice, but are cleaned harder. Despite this difficulty, they are often even selected for children’s rooms. It is not surprising that fabric wallpapers are very comfortable to touch. The only place you should not use is a kitchen anyway.
Liquid wallpaper is gaining popularity in modern interior design. You solve seams problems completely! Their specific texture attracts fans and repels “enemies”.

More ideas and tips for wall design
And a few more tips for wall design ideas.

Bad walls and no time to correct them? Choose dense wallpapers. Non-woven mask best.
Were not aligned to concave surfaces after priming? Mark them to make something convex! Find suitable wallpaper or work with metal spray on non-woven.
Vertical stripes make walls “higher”. Even the softest look will enhance this effect.
Horizontal tilt also gives visual “height”. But it also contains extra special effects. If you have used ombre wallpapers with the lightest shade on top, the area closer to the ceiling will look the greatest.

Beige room photo wallpaper ideas in modern interior design

In contrast to the prejudice about the practicability of the beige, warm shades make the room appear smaller. If you already have such a color, you need good wall design ideas to get into the trend! Zone room near walls with saturated colored curtains. Another great option: make accent wall with vibrant patterned wallpaper. Photo wallpaper with a beautiful landscape will look good too. Molded or embossed wallpaper can “save” the classic beige interior.
Wandtrends 2020 include decorative elements, such as Florarien. Think about wallpapers with them. One-toned fit rich decor the best.

Room correction Wallpaper Trends 2018 Wall Design Idea modern interior design wall design ideas

Avoid too light pastels in countries with often cloudy weather! Such wallpapers would look attractive in the store but turn gray in your home with natural light. Artificial light often turns yellow.

Hopefully, our “Wall Design Ideas: Wallpaper Trends 2020” article inspires you to find the best wallpaper for your home!
Wallpaper Trends 2018 Wall Design Ideas Modern Interior Design Modern Interior Design

Latest trends in modern furniture design and interior design

Latest trends in modern furniture design and interior design

modern living room furniture and decor accessories

Room furniture is one of those wonderful, easy to change things in the house. Room furniture sets a certain mood, emphasizes the furnishing style, adds room decor and color and gets a lot of attention from the guests. Modern room furniture is the very important element of stylish interior design.
Lushome collection of modern furniture and decor accessories by Milan iSalone shows the latest trends in home decor and helps to select the perfect stylish pieces for your interior design. Modern furniture and decorative accessories can create spectacular centerpieces for the interior or set charming and bright accents in interior design.
The little things, like ottomans or wall shelves can change interior design and bring personality with color, texture, unusual shape or exotic material that make a statement. Latest trends in modern furniture offer great opportunities to create modern interior design with personality.

7 modern furnishing trends that reinvent classic luxury and versatile functionality

Latest trends in modern furniture

Beautiful wooden furniture, modern chairs
Metallic leather furniture and bold color prints of upholstery bring 2019 with spectacular materials shine into the interior. Metallic leather furniture and attractive home textiles create energetic and festive spaces with elegant and interesting furniture designs.
Metallic paints and bright home textiles call everyone who enters the room. Eye-catching combinations of neutral colors and bright accents, rustic structures and shiny surfaces are not to be missed. The creative combinations of textures, shapes and colors lend liveliness to modern interior design and decoration in 2019.

Small tables, modern furniture design idea inspired by nature
Glamorous room furniture and boho-chic details are modern furniture design trends that make the interior of 2015 very exciting and expressive. Opulent and luxurious room furniture enjoy a chic and comfortable style. Extravagant details, luxurious materials and fresh combinations set fabulous design trends for room furniture for 2019.
The art of furniture design, futuristic furniture and modern furniture design trends

Latest trends in interior design and interior design

Custom-made furniture and unique furniture details are among the most popular design trends in 2019. Expensive and beautiful, very personal and unique Furniture design ideas create fantastic products for intimate and comfortable interiors. Modern bespoke pieces of furniture look expensive and exclusive, but very comfortable and often affordable.

Colorful stools and ottoman, upholstered furniture with butterflies
Modern interior design ideas and room furniture become softer and warmer. Nature-inspired prints are combined with rich accents and soft decorative fabrics.
Modern sofa, top 10 living room furniture design trends

Living room furniture design trends

Geometric patterns and abstract works of art create fabulous contrasts with curvy shapes and soft details on modern furnishings and in 2019 bring a romantic and cozy atmosphere to the modern interior.

Colorful shelf ideas

Creative wooden furniture inspired by flowers

Contemporary wall decoration and upholstered living room furniture with soft fabrics

Trends 2019 – Lighting

Duplex Ipiranga - Pietro Terlizzi (1)

To conclude this series in which I have already talked about colors, wallpapers, bathrooms and kitchens and rooms and rooms, let’s talk now about trends for 2019 in lighting, one of the most important points of decoration.

Duplex Apartment Ipiranga - Pietro Terlizzi (1)

Illumination in the ceiling lighter and linear, led strips in delicate effects and the pendants in matte black and gold or copper still in high (project Pietro Terlizzi)

Of course, it is also influenced by the decorating styles which are trend: Industrial, Minimalist, with touches of Retro, Art Deco, Japanese, Ethnic, Boho... that free and attentive mixture that we live today.

Spaço Interior - Project Monica Salgado (137)

Geometric wires and rails (Project: Monica Salgado)

From the industrial style, we continue to see the outstanding luminaires that have been successful for some time, in frosted black metal and gold or copper and wire in geometric formats.And we can not forget the rails, which remain firm and strong allowing good lighting and higher ceilings (a blessing!)

Ana Yoshida - Apto. Pinheiros - Low - Foto Evelyn Müller- (13)

Tear in ceiling and set of filament lamps on display (Project: Ana Yoshida Photo Evelyn Müller)

Also, pendant luminaires formed by sets of filament lamps showing (industrial medium, retro medium) or solitary lamps of this type.

Denise Barretto - Residential - Ape Itaim (58)

(Denise Barretto Project)

More current, with minimalist style, are these fine pendants (they look like pipes, do not they?) With well directed light.

Spaço Interior - Project Monica Salgado (163)

Sputnik (Monica Salgado Project)

Linked to styles Retro and Art Deco, pendant luminaires with milky lamps or not, grouped geometrically in copper, black or gold metal bases (a famous model is Sputnik) illuminating in different directions.

jeitodecasa dining-room-table-white-and-chairs-no_tom_madeira

(photo: Way home)

There are also luminaires of this type in models that also talk with the Industrial Chic style.


(photo: thedecojournal)

At organic and spherical shapes are present in the lighting of 2019.


(photo: decordemon)

Minimalism presents itself in bulbs with bulbs in very delicate, transparent glass.

decorfacil 20180418forro-de-gesso-9

(photo: decor)

And the Japanese style is also present in delicate materials and formats.


(photos: Keltainen talo rannalla and tdc)

Another strong trend is the large pendants in natural fibers an ethnic thing and half Boho.


(photos: Keltainen Talon rannalla and decordemon)

At led strips continue and do not go away so early, creating beautiful and smooth effects. And what I believe (and hopefully) will appear more and more is the linear lighting, minimalist, futuristic and discreet in the apartment ceilings. A great choice for low ceilings the tears will appear more. The LED profiles are increasingly thin and delicate.


(photos: decor)

The floor lamps, table, walls and washers either have innovative design or follow the retro and industrial trends. And there’s a lot of marble being used on them.

wall and window

(photos: Apartment34 and originalhome)


(photos: depositodrops and originalhome)

Lighting is always a subject that does not fit into a post … So much is missing here !!! But I think you can understand the general guidelines for any type of luminaire and lighting – after all, the versatility of the trends is enormous !!

Trends 2019 – Bathrooms and Kitchens


Continuing my research on decoration trends in 2019 (I already talked about colors and wallpapers) now we go to the lavatories, toilets and kitchens? It is clear that much of what appears in these areas also appears in other environments of the house. As the colors and also the wallpapers in the lavatories (here we see lots of big flowers!)… Well decorated house has unity and harmony, do not forget!

A) Again, the Industrial Style “chic” – As I always say, things do not change completely from year to year … Much of what we saw in previous years will continue to be seen (see post about 2018).

thedecojournaldesenho piece-guest-16

(photo: thedecojournaldesenho)

Therefore, the industrial style It’s still hot, but the so-called industrial chic that’s what I see firmer.


(Pay attention to these shades of green and greyish blue in kitchen cabinets) – Photo: desvinter

That industrious and super “do it yourself” (even more poorly finished) I think will have less and less space. ANDStruturas, electrical and hydraulic apparent we still have, but well organized and light. Quality, some lightness and good workmanship set the tone.


(photo: Casatreschic)

In bathrooms, metals in black and with straight and simple lines seem to be more used than the “Gold” and people are betting on the brass and bronze and saying that Red Gold is not having such success … Let’s see.


(photo: thedesignfiles)

O concrete remains strong and well finished, worked and clear. Or being increasingly imitated in porcelain tiles.

Très Architecture designs Casa Menir PHOTOS Evelyn Muller_MG_1812instaa

(Photo: Evelyn Muller / Three Architecture Project)

B) Art Deco, Vintage, Minimalist, Japanese, Scandinavian – These are 4 styles that, here and there, give a few touches (or a climate, like some of the photos above also) in the kitchens and bathrooms, in addition to the whole house.


(photo: Homedit)

Keltainen talo rannallad3ec01f

(photo: Keltainen talo rannalla)

C) Terrazzo, Marmorite, Granilite “They have reappeared here now in the finals of 2018, and they have the whole rope, in the bathrooms, kitchens, on the walls by the house, and even on furniture, wallpapers and prints.


(photo: soodeco)

Made with the mixture of marble, granite, stone, quartz or glass fragments on a cement or concrete basis or epoxy resin, they can be very discrete (with small fragments) or even exaggerated. It is to wait to see what materials and uses will stand (or not).


(photo: behance)

In fact, this type of material has an ancient history, coming from Venice (in the fifteenth century) the idea of ​​using residual materials to make mosaic floors. In the 40’s the granilite was very successful here and now appears again, renewed in materials and aspects.

bovary d2867b113e

(photo: bovary)

There are different types and finishes, from polished to washed, which have different uses. Washes are used in wet areas.

D) Use of Black and Clear Wood- Perhaps a consequence of Industrial Style, the question is what black color (mainly frosted) is very present in details or large areas of kitchens, lavatories and bathrooms.

thedecojournaldesenho 4-1-600x520

(photo: thedecojournaldesenho)

As in the new apartments, mainly middle class, bathrooms and kitchens have little natural light, I only see the possibility of black emplacing in details or accompanied (as we have also seen) of lots of wood (or imitation) clear and natural lookingl.

Keltainen talo rannallaispanskoe-shale-posredi-lesa-pufikhomes-11

(photo: Keltainen talo rannalla)

Australian Homes binary-house-tdf-2-1000x562

(photo: Australian Homes)

E) And 3D and geometric coatings continue – The patterns light and delicate likely to be the most viewed, besides the creative creations and with great possibility of variations. O fishbone pattern for example, has appeared in ceramic tiles, have you noticed?


(photo: Oldbrandnew)


(photo: Home-designing)

F) Curves – The trend of the organic forms that has been in place since the beginning of 2018 is presented in bathrooms in the formats of mirrors, tubs and tubs.

Daily Dream Decorfarmhouse-vibe-533x800

(photo: Daily Dream Decor)

G) A deal in lighting – Increasingly, both for functional and decorative issues, we will see projects treating more seriously and / or ostensively the lighting of bathrooms and kitchens, which is a blessing, because we really need it (I only hope for a little exaggeration and a lot of technique)!


(photo: Home-designing)

H) Plants “The bathrooms and kitchens can not get away from the idea of ​​bringing the green home. Mints in kitchens, as well as cacti and succulents (the last 2 do not do very well in bathrooms) will continue.

decordemon charming-attic-apartment-in-sweden-pufikhomes-4

(photo: decordemon)

I) Glass and transparencies in general – A trend that is all good for the tiny environments with which we live, the transparent materials give light to the furniture and environments. They are appearing slowly, but they may “catch on.”

color_block_na_cozinha_designinnova_ (11)

(photo: designinnova)

J) Frames in black and glass in partitions and boxes – This is another trend also linked to the Industrial Style that I have seen in bathrooms and also in other environments. It’s beautiful and different. Let’s see what happens in the next few months with her.

Gazeta do Povo home-bunch-reproduction-box-squared-black-elegant-ideas-bathroom-change-decoration

(photo: Gazeta do Povo)

As you can see, you can follow the trends without giving up your style, because there is always something that can fit.

Trends 2019 – Rooms and Rooms

Australian Homesbinary-house-tdf-5-1000x1290

We already talked about the colors, the wallpapers, the bathrooms and the kitchens and now, to complete, let’s talk about the 2019 trends for rooms and bedrooms. For this series of posts besides my pitacos, I did a good research on the bets that big blogs, national and foreign are doing. I hope you take the opportunity to be inspired by your reforms or constructions, but do not fail to follow your taste and your desire. After all, it’s your house, right?

Australian Homesbinary-house-tdf-5-1000x1290

Chic industrial style, Japanese touches, plants, concrete, black frames, light wood (photo: Australian Homes)

As I said before, a nicely decorated house (or apartment) has harmony, a sense of unity, that makes you feel like you’re “in the same house”

CASA TRÈS CHICbfc032ee75

Transparencies, crystals, boiserie (photo: Casatreschic)

And the best is when this “something in common” is subtle and not just something that repeats itself. As for example, use a small palette of colors but used in a different way by varying the amount or tone of each color in each environment.

Daily Dream Decorneutral-and-cozy-space-cover

Rusticity, ethnic prints, basketwork, “straw”, earthy colors, plants (photo: Daily Dream Decor)

Due to the necessity of this harmony, several tendencies about which I have already spoken will also be in the rooms and rooms, such as:


Curves (photo: tdc)

O Chic industrial style, at earthy colors (very present in the palettes of the year), O concrete / burnt cement, style ringtones Art Deco, Vintage, Minimalist, Japanese and Scandinavian, O granilite, a light wood Thethe 3D and geometric coatings more delicate curves / organic shapes, at plants, at transparencies and the and squadrias in black in partitions.

VM designblogg 50Torino

Geometric multicolored paints (photo: Cosedicasa)

But specifically for the rooms and the rooms we can still find the following trends:

A) Geometric and creative multicolored paintings on the walls – A subject I’ve talked about in this post, it seems that having a wall in one color as a highlight is really changing. Another wave that we have here on the walls are the boiseries (those frames of wood, plaster, polyurethane or even cement that form designs on the walls)


Ripted, macrame, light wood (photos: tdc and thestylefiles)

B) Macramê and tapestries on the walls – Macramê began to appear to support plants and we are already seeing some environments with panels in this technique, besides some tapestry gracing the walls.


Basketry, rustic materials, earthy colors, dry plants (photo: tdc)

C) Rustic materials in carpets, furniture, lamps and basketwork – Simple natural or with tribal prints.


Straw on headboard and dry arrangement (photo: tdc)

D) The straw on furniture, fixtures and partitions – She’s coming back hard. And she is beautiful! There is also the ripped used as a partition and in detail on the walls, etc.


Straw on the armchair and earthy colors (photo: tdc)

E) Handmade, rustic and “imperfect” accessories – Perhaps due to the Japanese style that is appearing in detail, you may notice the amount of decorating accessories with this footprint.

xavel ed099e68be38_EFCrcvp

Plants, earthy, ethnic, rustic (photo: xavel)

F) Arrangements with dehydrated plants (dry arrangements) “I’m not sure why, but the point is, I see a lot of these arrangements out there and even mixed up with beautiful green and living plants. Depending on the arrangement can range from giving romantic touch to a minimalist environment to a maximalist touch when “exaggerated.”

VM designbloggCDL_17th_CF015678st

Wall Tapestry (photo: VM designblogg)

Well, it has a tendency that does not end and of course you can choose which one to use and not even use any … Because who owns your house is you, after all! But of course when looking for coatings, furniture, accessories or see magazines and websites will, of course, come up against them countless times. 

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