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Trends in decoration 2020


These are the trends in decoration 2020, and we want to present them in detail so that you are up to date with the latest in home fashion. As in the industry fashion, designers and decorating experts dictate what will set the tone when it comes to the interior setting. This 2020 we will see the organic shine, colors like the beige and the walls will become focal points of the house. Keep reading and do not miss everything that will be super trendy for the home this 2020.

decoration 2020Via Ditex

The walls as protagonists

This 2020 the walls of the house take center stage. We will see imposing textures in striking colors such as red and mountain green. In the same way, the textures for gray walls will be giving something to talk about. For those of us who love metallics, we tell you that the walls painted in these tones will sweep away in 2020 decoration.

decoration 2020Via FB Texture & Fascias

And if it is about transforming spaces, wallpaper They are still in vogue for this year 2020. Place a colorful decorative paper with tropical leaves or flowers to bring nature to your home. Now, if you want a sober and at the same time striking space, a textured wallpaper is perfect for you. And if it has gold, better!

decoration 2020Photo IG Phillip Jeffries, via Centro Cortinas

Returns the beige

And as everything returns, the color beige returns with all its versatility to decorate our spaces. Yes, the cream color that was so fashionable in the 90’s, comes with strength to give color to the walls and we will also see it in furniture and textiles.

beigeVia Catherine Interiors

The organic stays in the decoration 2020

Everything that evokes mother nature, comes with force in the interior decoration 2020. Furniture in natural fibers such as wicker and rattan, will fill your spaces with warmth. Raw woods and tree trunks will be the perfect base for a coffee table modern and natural. Introduce nature into your home with organic fabrics, flowers and plants.

organicVia Krone Furniture

Velvet reigns

The velvet It has been in fashion for several seasons and this 2020 will continue to stomp. Velvet furniture is here to stay and fill our homes with its elegance and glamor. Sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, ottomans and headboards they wear velvet this year.

velvetVia Dekorahora

Gold in decoration 2020

And to close the trends in interior decoration 2020 with a flourish, we announce that metals are still in fashion. Mainly the gold that has caused so much fury during the past seasons. We will see the gold in accessories, mirror frames, lamps, tables and furniture.

GoldenVia Stool & Deco

Meet the latest trends in modern bathrooms 2020 – Everything you need to know to update your bathroom

Meet the latest trends in modern bathrooms 2020 - Everything you need to know to update yourself

Years go by and designers continue to surprise us with different designs. So today from Remodeling Ideas we plan to share with you some modern bathrooms 2020, a year that despite how atypical it is being, continues to modernize in the interior and exterior spaces, and the decoration of houses. So, if you are interested, we invite you not to detach yourself from the screen and see what comes next …

Modern bathroom trends 2020 – Choose the one you like the most

These trends of modern bathrooms 2020 they will add functionality and style to what already exists. So watch out for what’s coming, because in this new article you will see from practical and simple modifications to increase space to various styles of colors … Let’s see.

Bathrooms are an extremely important room in our home, because we use them every day and with different frequency. The many modern details that exist today can automatically transform boring bathrooms into great, refreshing and relaxing spaces. For the modern bathrooms 2020 there are many ideas which fit different tastes, personalities and needs.

The gray color in modern bathrooms has been one of the most popular. However, it is betting on styles and colors that are much more daring. For this year, ldarker shades like black are taking ground and will be very popular this year in modern bathrooms. The color black will also be an important and popular trend for bathroom accessories such as vanities, mirrors, and others, especially with matte finishes.

The vintage style with details in brass and gold will also say present in the modern bathrooms 2020 and they will look better than ever. These brass and gold tones they are taking over the sinks, the toilets, in short, it can be in any accessory and element of your bathroom to make it completely change its appearance.

It is worth mentioning that one of the advantages you will get is being able to keep your fingerprints and water stains hidden. Obviously with this simple and subtle change, you will visibly transform the look of your boring bathroom to a modern bathroom.

Some touches of color in your bathroom can make the difference between a normal bathroom, and a completely new and different bathroom. For this 2020 different colorful touches are expected that can make good combinations with either a neutral color, or dark colors.

Green and blue colors are becoming very popular since relatively recently. So these colors will not come as a surprise to modern bathrooms 2020. It is worth mentioning that, also depending on the color you choose, it can set your mood.

We leave you some more copies of modern bathrooms that they are being and will continue to be in 2020. We are sure that they will be to your liking and will help you to be able to update this space inside your house… let’s see.

10 modern Schmidt kitchens that bring together the main trends for kitchens

10 modern Schmidt kitchens that bring together the main trends for kitchens

As in all areas, in the kitchen, trends emerge, styles and materials are renewed and fashions are updated, resulting from time to time certain very defined trends that dominate the current market.

So, I have selected 10 modern Schmidt kitchens that incorporate the latest trends, whether in their finishes, design or materials, so that you can learn about them and thus choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. I am explaining them to you.

Scandinavian style

Nordic cuisine from Schmidt

Schmidt kitchen and design

One of the latest trends in modern kitchens is the Scandinavian style, which has crept into our lives, even the kitchen, and never better said.

In this case, Schmidt opts for a kitchen in the always successful palette of white and wood, creating a very bright, timeless space, since it does not go out of style, but is above them, and with many natural nuances, especially thanks to wood.

The island fronts in white with stripes, making the white more natural than a gloss white or a standard plain matte white, and the Inno’Quartz countertop in Pearl, a neutral tone that blends perfectly with any style .

Naturally, these furniture and fronts can be ordered in another color and finish, although the “Nordic” effect would no longer be the same.

If you liked this kitchen, you can see all its details, finishes and references here.

If the Nordic style for your kitchen does not suit you much, perhaps the next kitchen will interest you more.

Elegant burgundy

Schmidt kitchen in Bordeaux

More details of this kitchen here.

As we saw recently in the trend colors for kitchens, burgundy was one of them.

And it is that this ostentatious color has the advantage of belonging to the range of elegant colors.

A burgundy kitchen has presence and personality, and works equally well combined with wood or lacquered, as we see in the kitchen above, where burgundy has been combined with matte black finishes, creating a fabulous designer kitchen with character.

Sirra (burgundy) has been used for fronts, combined with Caneo (black) for the rest of the accents.

Let’s see another trend kitchen:

Organic in nature

Organic Schmidt kitchen

More details of this kitchen here.

The natural, the artisanal and everything that takes us to our deepest roots has become very fashionable lately. We just have to see the rise of the wabi sabi, the plants inside, the artisan furniture so in vogue, as well as many other trends that confirm this premise.

So, organic is a safe bet today. And when I say organic, I mean materials of an organic nature such as stone or wood, among others.

In fact, the Schmidt kitchen we see above these lines is called Organic Smoothness.

It is designed with Celest and Stucco Gray finishes, which imitate the organic texture of stones, combined with wood finishes to enhance that organic characteristic we are talking about, and finished off with the Inno’Quartz worktops in Pearl and Stratified Pastel Oak.

In wood

Schmidt kitchen in natural wood

Schmidt kitchen and design.

Yes, wood is a trend in kitchens. It is a classic material that, far from going out of style, has become even more fashionable. As I told you, natural materials are at the forefront right now.

And not only traditional woods, as we will see below, but more exotic woods with more pronounced finishes, such as the one we see in the kitchen above these lines:

It is the Arcos Twin model by Schmidt, in Canyon and Kashmir gray with a matching top and a central island in matt white.

A perfect combination that makes the wood-effect finish look but does not overpower thanks to the white of the island and the gray of the cabinet fronts. A kitchen in perfect balance.

In classic woods

Schmidt modern kitchen in light wood and blue

More details of this kitchen here.

You don’t have to go for exotic wood finishes if you don’t want to. The more traditional woods, such as oak or pine, or their finishes are also still a trend in kitchen furniture, like the one we see just above.

The advantage of these clear and classic finishes is that they go well with everything. You can design both a serene and bright kitchen, such as the Scandinavian style that we saw at the beginning, or add a powerful color to create a kitchen with personality.

It is a light finish that allows you to add any other color or more forceful material.

The model that we see above these paragraphs is designed with the Arcos model and the Slowwood finish both on the fronts and on the stratified top.

All in wood

Schmidt kitchen in oak wood

More details of this kitchen here.

Continuing with wood in kitchens in the field of trends, kitchens in all wood are also in vogue. The sobriety and elegance of the wood has nothing to compare with.

This type of kitchen, if chosen in a medium wood, light oak type or other medium wood tones, adapts to modern spaces as well as more traditional styles such as rustic.

The advantage of this type of kitchen is the inherent warmth they bring to the space. Something very important if you like warm spaces since kitchens, due to their light and the ceramic coatings on the floor and walls, are usually cold spaces by nature.

The kitchen that we see above is designed with the Major Eolis model by Schmidt in a pastel oak finish with stainless steel grooves and with the laminated top also in pastel oak and Uptown Dark.

Black kitchens

Schmidt black kitchen

More details of this kitchen here.

It is not a new trend, but it is one of the most prominent trends. Black kitchens have been imposed with great force.

Far from what it may seem at first, black kitchens have been the order of the day for years.

The successful design of a black kitchen depends on how it is combined and with what other materials, but if done well, a black kitchen is for life. Timeless It is outside the cycle of fashions.

In addition, it greatly favors other decorative styles also trend such as industrial or vintage.

In smooth, matte, glossy or with moldings, as we see in the black kitchen above in these Schmidt lines, with more presence and a classic touch, a black kitchen is a resounding yes.

This one that we see is designed with the Frame model, (hence the front moldings) and with a quartz top in Cenere color and a stratified top in Ranch color.

In black and wood

Schmidt kitchen in black and wood

More details of this kitchen here.

Yes, like kitchens in white and wood, kitchens in black and wood are also a trend.

As I said before, that a black kitchen works decoratively speaking, depends on what it is combined with.

And when combined with wood, it is a safe bet.

In addition, wood adds the warmth that black or any other neutral color tends to lack, giving the kitchen a more welcoming atmosphere.

This kitchen is designed with the Arcos Supermate model in Nano Black, like the countertop: a material that absorbs micro-scratches, keeping the kitchen in perfect condition, showing off that deep black so beautiful, and combined with touches of composite Murphy wood for Arcos Edition models.

White kitchen

Schmidt white kitchen

More details of this kitchen here.

Naturally, white is still the leading finish when it comes to kitchens. It’s bright, it makes spaces bigger and lighter, and it never, never goes out of style.

Of course, depending on how it is combined, the kitchen will adopt a more current or more classic style. Obvious.

If you bet on trends, combine white with wood and organic finishes such as stone, metal, wood or concrete and cement.

The Schmidt kitchen that we see above these paragraphs is designed with the shiny Strass model in Everest color with a stratified top in Nano Black color.

Green I want you green

Schmidt kitchen in green and concrete

Schmidt’s Kitchen

If you have been looking for your ideal kitchen for a long time, you will have realized that green is one of the colors that has broken into the kitchen scene the most, right?

A green kitchen that can be integrated into any home, either in a traditional space dedicated to the kitchen, or in a space that communicates with the patio or garden, as we see in the Schmidt kitchen above these lines.

Not only is the matt green of the kitchen fronts (Sencha color) the decisive protagonist of the kitchen, the countertop in natural gray tones with an organic rock-effect finish (Rocca Gray) and the wood of the floor are the elements that make The whole kitchen breathes that natural air, making it possible, as I said before, to be installed both in a kitchen space and practically in the garden itself.

22 decoration ideas and bedroom colors

Bedroom colors and design trends

Modern bedroom design create beautiful and comfortable rooms, ideal for relaxation. Well-designed bedroom interiors improve mood and let people feel energy. Modern bedroom design trends and decoration ideas for bedroom interiors reflect the latest trends in colors and structures and help to create stylish living spaces for healthy and happy people.
Bedroom design today is intimate, relaxing, luxurious and very comfortable. Modern bedroom design trends and decoration ideas reflect the hectic lifestyle and make it possible to personalize bedroom interiors for ultimate comfort, attractiveness and functionality. Lushome presents top bedroom design trends for 2015, modern bedroom colors and decorating ideas.
Modern bedroom design trends and decorating ideas merge classic and extraordinary, contemporary and vintage, traditional and innovative to give character to these important spaces and make them unique retreats. 10 top modern bedroom design trends 2015 blend functionality, simplicity, sensuality, high quality materials, natural materials, unique lights, neutral colors with soft colorful accents in pastel shades, comfortable brown colors or relaxing blue tones.

Light blue bedroom colors, 22 soothing bedrooms that decorate ideas

33 walk-in closet design ideas for functional bedroom designs

Modern bedroom decorating ideas

Modern bedroom design with unique lights

Modern bedroom design with unique lights
Modern bedroom decorating ideas are really familiar and functional, reflecting every person’s need. Classic bedroom furniture and modern beds, retro-modern designs and handmade headboard bed ideas offer great inspiration for creating beautiful and comfortable bedroom interiors in unique styles.
Modern chandeliers and modern ceiling lights are beautiful bedroom design trends that create brighter and more stylish spaces, especially in the northern countries.

White bedroom ornament ideas

White ornament ideas, modern bedroom design
No matter how large the bedroom is, its interior requires simple and elegant decoration. A seating area or just a bench with soft pillows are modern bedroom design trends that add chic and style to bedroom decorations.
22 space-saving bedroom ideas to maximize small spaces

Modern bedroom design trends and decoration ideas make it possible to enjoy created sensations. People like a spacious feeling and a look free from modern bedroom interiors. Structured bedding sets and decorative accessories for bedrooms, floor carpets and stylish lampshades give the interior of the bedroom more attention.

Neutral bedroom colors, chandeliers, table lamps and a small sofa

Neutral bedroom colors, chandeliers, table lamps and a small sofa
Symmetrical bedroom furniture placement make interior design feel soothing and secure. Natural materials, pleasant brown tones, warm light yellow tones and neutral tones reinforce this pleasant and relaxing feeling.
5 modern bedroom design trends for rooms in a contemporary style

20 small bedroom designs that feel airy and comfortable

The neutral color palette and the peaceful blue tones are modern bedroom design trends in 2015. Neutral colors can be spiced up with lighter accents in soft pastel tones, muted colors, pink, light violet or trendy Marsala red wine color. Neutral colors, particularly light gray and white decoration ideas, subdued shades of beige, plum, red wine, pale yellow shades, smoky lilac, delicate pink, light blue and greyish green colors give modern bedroom interiors stylish accents.

Neutral bedroom colors, chandeliers, table lamps and a small sofa

White decorate the ideas and accents in the soft pastels of pink colors, modern bedroom colors
Modern decorating ideas for bedrooms require moderation and high material quality. Bedroom interiors not only become stylish, they also become a truly spiritual space.

Brown colors and white bedding

Brown colors and white bedding, modern bedroom decorating ideas

Design trends 2020: Breathtaking interior illusions in design

Illusions become a new universal design trick. They not only show your originality, they also play a functional role: enlarging the space, dividing, masking boundaries, accentuating, distributing light, maintaining attention. Above all, the old tricks of enlargement sometimes cause boredom, so clever architectural solutions with optical illusions climb on design trends 2020 trends’ top!
Despite some complexity, new decoration ideas are available for everyone!
Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas-Design-Trends 2018
Discover them in our article «Design trends 2020: breathtaking interior illusions in design».
Internal illusions: geometry
Interior illusions: background images
3D interior illusion wallpapers have already become common. But 2020 years ago characterized by photo wallpapers, macro photos with 3D effect.
Design trends in 2020 brought new decoration ideas – simple geometric shape aesthetics. When you come in, thinking that you see relief walls rather than walking closer or touching them, understand that it is a flat surface – the mission of your design is accomplished!
3D-geometric-wallpaper-interior-illusions-interior-design-2018-new-decoration-ideas-design-trends 2018
Illusion of perspective
It is recommended if you want to avoid the parallelism of cover walls or if you want to set an original accent. We advise against thinking of new decoration ideas with professional designers or architects. Consider the following points:

vertical lines make “higher”;
horizontally directed – “larger”;
the darker color goes deeper than the light one;
bright colors come into play on a dark background;

Perspective-Illusions-Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas-Design-Trends 2018

The imitation of 3D shapes completely transforms the room: it achieves a competent combination with the hues of a tone;
geometrically shaped lights on the ceiling make it dynamic and roomier;
Lights on walls make the ceiling appear lower;
specially shaped chandeliers create a new reality tonight – light and shadow «drawings»;

bright colors make it possible to get “different” rooms day and night;
LED lights under furniture great details create flying effect.

New decoration ideas: trance effect
Geometric trance
Repeating figures draw a certain attention to the defocus effect. Use these inner illusions carefully! Your abundance, especially on walls and ceilings, should be in the bathroom where you need to relax, but not in the work area! You will disrupt concentration.
If you like this option in other rooms, use it only for floors or their parts. Choose better black and white options. They are softer for human eyes.
Design trends 2020: urban theme
3D city map or bird’s eye view photo goes for the ceiling or sometimes walls. The same trick actually looks “from below” with the photo, use it only for walls. Such a ceiling picture will look oppressive.
Urbanistic-Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas-Interior Illusions
Such new decorating ideas are intended to break the familiar foundations and develop imagination. Dream boldly!
Design trends 2020: architectural mysticism
Portal to another world

Faux Windows previously appeared in many European royal residences. Now the mystical trend should come back, sometimes enriched by modern technologies!


Simple inner illusions came from centuries past admired! What is behind shutters? Your guests should be surprised to see mirrors there! Such a trick creates a magical sense of multidimensionality.
Reflect light in the mirror for an even more mystical effect. Two mirrors facing each other confuse the eye!
Try new decorating ideas based on previous ones. Simulate windows without shutters on a simple wall with drawing frames. Place light box with beautiful landscape inside. At the end of the corridor, it looks very efficient.
Use the same trick for the built-in closet funny masking.
Draw surrealistic canvas on the wall or furniture. Perspective feeling should evoke a feeling of reality.

New decorating ideas; Glitch in the matrix
Look and … repeat! Completely symmetrical room design or some parts of identical repetitions attract attention at the moment! Such new decoration ideas will not be boring if they are well thought out. But we guarantee – nobody could pass indifferently without thinking about this unexpected phenomenon. Is this your idea or a strange coincidence? Leave room for humor and give vague answers.
Interior illusions: Secrets guards
Each secret has its own meaning and story … Some secrets should be private, but some need to be revealed …
Rotating walls. Private zone!

It is a new interpretation of the secret doors. Do you want to keep a zone private? Your room design should contain the same clay walls, with one of them being a rotating door!
Seams should be invisible so that your guests never suspect that you have a secret room behind the wall.
Recent smart home trends, especially popular among high-tech enthusiasts, brought new rotating wall concepts. First idea – remote control instead of pressing. Others connected to smartphones, voice control, etc.
Design Trends 2020 enables the same tricks with simple doors, built-in closets, etc.

Rotating walls-interior-illusions-interior-design-2018-new-decoration-ideas-new decoration ideas
At first glance, a metal lamp tube above the bar counter seems to be a technological element in the kitchen. However, when electricity is lit, this pipe shows an elegant, moderately pompous crystal chandelier! This is a cool way to combine industrial and classic design trends in 2020!
Chandelier-Inside-the-Pipe-Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas-New Decoration Ideas
New decorating ideas: break the system!
Levitation effect
What about books floating in the air? Design trends 2020 give this chance! In fact, it’s thin «invisible», but strong metal frame on the wall, the escape interior illusions. Also try this technology for shelves of different shapes.
Fly Furniture-LED Effect-Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas
Stylish confusion
Confuses surface where some material should traditionally be laid. For example, use parquet boards for doors or walls. This resistant material is erased much later than ordinary colors or wallpaper.
Tricky furniture
These inner illusions are achieved through geometry and printing tricks. Soft sofa with sharp edges and corners and realistic wood prints looks like real bench! Structured curtains could … only be printed on a solid surface!
Hovering-shelves-bench-simulation-interior-illusions-interior-design-2018-new-decoration-ideas-new decoration ideas
Anamorphic typography
This is work for real professionals! Anamorphic typography, created by 21-year-old Joseph Egan, wins millions of art lovers. This trend is intended for creative, young-at-heart people.
They are words and phrases that are painted on several volume surfaces – layers so that they can only be read from a certain point of view, from a special point of view. If you don’t find it, everything will look like chaotically scattered brushstrokes, doodles, stains, figures.
Anamorphic-Typography-Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas-New Decoration-Ideas
So miracles are possible in every house with professional architecture and design help! Hopefully our article “Design trends 2020: breathtaking interior illusions in design” awakened your carving for magic!
Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas-New Decoration Ideas

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