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Modern garden houses: The uniqueness of the tree house
Modern garden sheds today have a strange representative, which is gaining more and more popularity – the tree house. The unique beauty of the tree house What is a tree house? A quiet place where you can dream for the future, place of happy children’s games or rather an... Read more
DIY 5 minutes Modern Gems Christmas tree
This is a super easy last minute Christmas tree for those who want to spend less on the Christmas decoration this year or who has not had a chance to make the festive yet! The supplies are fir branches, a vase / jar for branches, mini pens, scissors and... Read more
I want to plant a tree – but how to choose?
Today I saw an image on the internet that I did not understand anything, but anyway, the “citizen” stopped next to a tree sapling on a sidewalk and simply destroyed it !!!!! A tree-lined street is a boon in this heat, is not it? (Photo: flower pods: flowering trees)... Read more