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Look Here How To Transform Old Flip Flops Into Beautiful Sandals In A Unique And Original Way
Don’t throw away your broken pigs! This step by step will help you make beautiful sandals using old flip flops and scraps of fabric. They are easy to make and very beautiful, you will like them! The good thing about this craft is that you can design your sandals... Read more
7 ideas to transform the office into a more pleasant place.
It is ironic that we do not want to spend all our time in a cubicle but where we spend more time. Every day a long day at the office. Therefore, it is essential that this is the most comfortable and pleasant for us. If every time you sit... Read more
Learn to paint murals on the walls and transform your home into a unique space
Although the murals have been imposed in decoration as one of the most used wall coverings, they do not have the charm of hand-painted murals. They can be cheaper and easier to install, but they will never have the “soul” of a mural painted on the wall. The work... Read more