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How to decorate the table at Christmas
Thinking about how to decorate the table at Christmas? There are many very original ideas for you to decorate your Christmas table and leave your guests impressed. Ideas range from placing candles and mini Christmas trees to making elaborate centerpieces. And to make your table look like a show,... Read more
How to organize the dressing table
The dressing table is a favorite corner of many women. This is where all the beauty products used in daily life are concentrated, such as makeup, creams, perfumes, brushes and much more. See here how to organize the dressing table, gaining space and speed in use. If this furniture... Read more
20 coffee table decorating ideas that create wonderful floral centerpieces
Brings 20 beautiful table decorating ideas that will inspire you to create beautiful floral centerpieces that can be combined with other home decorations. These table decorations and centerpieces are versatile and ideal for all modern living areas, give the interior a fresh and attractive look. Surprising blends of different... Read more
Bedroom Table: 40 Models that Value the Environment
For those who like to keep the room well organized and who need a space for study or work in the room, we have separated incredible models of bedroom table that value the environment well, especially those that do not have much space. Check below forty beautiful and modern... Read more
Coffee table that brings graffiti art into modern interior
Coffee table decorated with graffiti art, unique furniture design idea Coffee Table Graffiti brings modern art into a creative interior design, combines functionality and breathtaking attraction to create a colorful and unique piece of furniture that makes a statement. Lushome presents this fantastic coffee table from Vans the Omega.... Read more
50 ideas for Christmas – Decoration, Table and Gifts
And in a little while it’s Christmas, guys !!! This year has passed like a shooting star! LOL! So, quick too, here are Christmas ideas for decorating your home, your table, food and gift wrapping! And to see all the ideas for Christmas that have been here just click... Read more
51 Kitchen Chairs To Instantly Update Your Dining Table
If you’re thinking about getting a whole new dining set to update your kitchen, you should consider giving your table one last chance. Changing out just your chairs can have a surprisingly big impact on the look and feel of your dining area. Plus, it’s a great way to... Read more
+50 Kitchen Table with Various Models and Sizes
Choose a kitchen table model that fits the available space and your decorating style perfectly! Check out models of 4 chairs for small or large kitchens, folding models for 6 chairs and more! There are several materials to choose from and their combination also makes some models even more... Read more
Tips for decorating the daily dining table
We found a lot of tutorials and tips for setting up the dinner table at dinner or party time, but how to decorate it on a daily basis? That empty table may seem like enough, but try putting a nice flower arrangement on it to see the difference it... Read more
Table Decorations to Decorate the Dining and Living Room!
O table ornament draws a lot of attention for being a centerpiece in decoration. Bet on original items They stand out by giving a charming touch to any environment! Table decorations The dining room and living room are super high and easy to find. See here more tips and... Read more
Home Office – Whats Beyond the Table?
A reader, the Evelise, wrote: “I’ve been researching home office images and practically all the photos show the bench / table, but what about the other side? I look at mine and think … “Will I put a shelf or a low cabinet? or a sofa and shelves? an... Read more