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Don’t Have Space To Plant Your Plants?  Here An Idea With Recycled Material.
This time I will show you a trick that you can use in your home if you don’t have enough space to plant your plants. It is made with only recycled material, therefore, you will not get any problem in getting the materials. The best of all is that... Read more
10 reasons to create a creative space in your children’s room
It’s not just about being beautiful or being fashionable! Having a space to allow and expose your child’s artistic expression, from the first scribbles, is important for his development. Much! And in many ways! And the best part: It takes up virtually no space! 10 reasons to create a... Read more
Modern youth bedroom – How to create or update this space for our children
The topic that we will address today in World Facades is how I design and equip a modern youth bedroom. Tell us, what would a perfect children’s room look like for you? Perhaps full of light, with an impressive creativity and a lot of joy … well it is... Read more
10 ideas for creating space in the small bedroom
When we have a small room we are always looking for a way to store things that never fit in the existing space. Only the bedding already occupies a lot of space and still has all the clothes of the person or couple, shoes, bags, hats, accessories, bags, makeup... Read more
Door to Room: 30 Models for Every Type of Space
THE door to bedroom it is a very important choice for the composition of your room, since it is the first view that everyone has before entering it. There are several models that we can choose to compose our room, so see below which are the most suitable for... Read more
25 ideas to take advantage of space in a small room and gain meters
A new distribution of furniture, smart furniture, take advantage of the vertical space of the walls, custom work furniture and get rid of some elements are, among many others, the solutions and ideas that will make you make the most of your room space, and even gain meters, however... Read more
51 Decorative Wall Mirrors To Fill That Empty Space In Your Wall
Pretty and functional, decorative mirrors are an easy addition to any room. Not only will they embellish your walls with modern glamour, but they can also create the illusion of more space or be used to brighten dark corners. With so many wonderful styles available, like Mid-Century Modern starbursts,... Read more
One Space Two Design Options
We rarely get to see two different interior designs for the same space, but this pair of visualisations let us do exactly that. Visualised by Alex Yagodin, both options have a swish modern feel with curvaceous furniture and commanding monochrome backdrops. However, by adjusting the colour palette, the ambience... Read more
20 very small kitchens with great space and decoration tricks
My kitchen is very, very small, just over 7 m², but I comfortably unwind in it. I love my kitchen. And that has been thanks to the fact that I have no choice but to throw ingenuity and solutions and adapt them to my space until I have achieved... Read more
Learn to paint murals on the walls and transform your home into a unique space
Although the murals have been imposed in decoration as one of the most used wall coverings, they do not have the charm of hand-painted murals. They can be cheaper and easier to install, but they will never have the “soul” of a mural painted on the wall. The work... Read more
20 ideas to create meal space in small kitchen
O kitchen space planning it’s very important. Even more so when she is small. And a fast-food corner in the kitchen is valuable in the day-to-day running that almost everyone has. That’s why I selected these 20 noodle noodle ideas in the small kitchen (photo: architectureconstruction) Typical of the... Read more
10 Reasons To Make A Creative Space In Your Kids' Room
It’s not just about being beautiful or being fashionable! Having a space to allow and expose your child’s artistic expression, since the first scrawl, is important for his development. Very! And in many ways! And the best: It does not occupy space practically! (photo: acasaqueamigovoqueria) Open a space so... Read more