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15 effective solutions to hide light boxes, counters, thermostats and other wall elements
In general, they do not tend to bother much, neither physically nor aesthetically, but there are many occasions in which the happy box of lights is like an ugly “glob” in the middle of an important wall, decoratively speaking. And the truth is that although there is aesthetic progress... Read more
17 solutions to put television in the corner
Putting television in a corner, or in a corner, as some say, is a nuisance, you have to recognize it. But hey, if we have no choice, we will have to put it there as best we can, right? The fact is that a few months ago I did... Read more
15 Bed headboards full of solutions
The work headers they are an element that, if work is not done again, they become a definitive solution for the bedroom; As an alternative to the traditional headboards, those of work, fixed, timeless and versatile, since they are designed ex profeso and custom, they are an increasingly used... Read more
15 white kitchens with well-designed island full of ideas and solutions
White kitchens with island, with the space well used, distributed in different formats, intelligent, full of ideas and solutions; but also modern and beautiful, very beautiful. So are these 15 white kitchens, all with island, which we have prepared for you to take good note of all its solutions... Read more
10 ideas and solutions to open the kitchen to the living room
Open the kitchen to the living room by breaking down a wall, in the beginning all are advantages, since in addition to gaining useful meters and a feeling of spaciousness, the lighting is also improved allowing it to penetrate more, without obstacles. But good planning is required to make... Read more