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Decoration of living rooms with pink sofas
Do you have a pink sofa? Congratulations, because the originality and the possibilities of creating a living room or any other space where you have the sofa, modern and sparkling, are on your side. Perhaps at first it may seem somewhat risky to buy a pink sofa, and it... Read more
20 modern armchairs and childrens sofas
Furnish a children’s bedroom It is a very fun challenge, but after all a challenge. Luckily, every day we have at our disposal more and more personalized accessories and accessories at different ages that make us the task of decorating much easier. An example of what I say are... Read more
Frameless modern sofas made of softly sprung cushions
This amazing, soft and modern sofa is perfect for a large open space. The frameless, stunning and unique piece of furniture makes a statement, adding a beautiful accent to contemporary interior design and creating a unique space. The Aster Pappusus is the sofa from Edra, www.edra.com/ and designed by... Read more
Leather sofas in the living room?
Recently a friend asked me to do a decoration project for her new living room, in which there are two superb contemporary sofas, which had just upholstered in camel leather with a certain caramel hue. The fact is that previously, these sofas were yellow and, as usual, the decoration... Read more
51 Tufted Sofas that Make Everyday Comfort Look Extraordinary
Luxurious tufted cushions are as timeless as they are comfortable – always an instant upgrade to any sofa or seating arrangement. This post showcases 51 tufted sofas you can buy right now, each one offering its own distinctive look to suit a wide range of interior styles. Are you... Read more
How to combine rugs, curtains and sofas in practice
I get many doubts about combining rugs, curtains and sofas in the decor. So, it’s good for us to talk even more about it! I will present to you photos of rooms where the choice of carpet was well made and explain why. For a good choice of carpet... Read more