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Decoration of living rooms with a yellow sofa
So you are thinking of buying a yellow sofa for your living room and you have entered here to see ideas, advice and perhaps the pros and cons, right? Well first let me tell you that I don’t have a yellow sofa in my house, nor have I ever... Read more
15 ideas to decorate and furnish the back of the sofa
If the location of our sofa leaves us a free space, since the sofa is not attached to the wall, then the question is not so much how to decorate the back of the sofa, but rather what to put behind the sofa, because it all comes down to... Read more
How to combine a gray sofa: Wall colors and cushions
Combine the colors of the walls and cushions with a gray sofa in the living room, or any other space in which it is available, it is really simple. Luckily, we are talking about the king of neutral colors, gray. But, although it is simple and does not require... Read more
48 Sofa Colors to Match with Any Decor!
Brown, gray, blue, beige, it does not matter: there are no rules when choosing sofa colors for your living room! How about 48 different options? Check here some sofa color tips that will fit your decor, joining the useful to the pleasant when choosing the ideal furniture for your... Read more