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Black also takes over shower screens and makes them a trend
The chrome finishes for screens, faucets and other bathroom accessories that have dominated the market for decades, seem to be going to the background, being knocked out by more contemporary and innovative finishes such as black. And, although they have not been extinguished or they will not do it,... Read more
Baby shower decoration. 57 photos and ideas for the party
A baby shower party It is a perfect time to gather friends and family in a festive atmosphere, to celebrate the birth of the future newborn, giving gifts, usually for the baby, to the happy parents. In the baby shower, relatively new here in Spain, they eat sweets like... Read more
17 ideas to decorate a baby shower party with balloons
There are many essential elements to decorate a Children’s party, like a baby shower, and one of them, are the balloons. There is no children’s party that boasts that it does not have balloons decorating it, right? We saw many ideas before for the party decoration baby shower, but... Read more
15 ideas for a themed baby shower party
The party decoration baby shower it encompasses more than just gifts and goodies; It is a party with capital F in which the preparation of the scene takes on more prominence, thus creating the current tendency to create personalized and themed baby shower parties. With this premise in mind,... Read more
New Decorban Natural Stone shower trays, elegant and decorative
It is true that there is more and more variety and versatility in shower trays, but until recently we had few options beyond the traditional mineral loading plate. That is not that it is ugly, neither better nor worse, it is simply a single option. Luckily, as I say,... Read more
Delightful DIY Lighting Ideas You Will Want In Child’s Room – How To Make Glowing Clouds of Cotton?
Sometimes the decor of your home can become boring for you because you become so used to it that you don’t even notice it anymore. That is a clear sign that you need to change something if you want to carry on enjoying the decor of your home. But... Read more