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Bathroom Glass Shelves
Glass bathroom shelves are great allies when it comes to the beauty and organization of the environment. They can be of various models, as well as they can be used in several places: under the sink, on top of the vase, directly associated with the mirror and even in... Read more
+40 Bedroom Shelves with Various Material and Sizes
Check out the bedroom shelves that will create extra space for organizing and decorating the room. Using shelves in the bedroom, whether baby, kids, single or couple, is a great option that is always on the rise and is super modern and stylish. You can choose from shelves made... Read more
60 small bookshelves, shelves and niches you can make (2a.part)
Remember I was just showing you 30 more small shelves, shelves and niches that you can make or have made and it won’t be expensive? Well here they are: Enjoy to be inspired! (photo: homedit) Wood and copper (or plastic) pipes a cool little shelf for your kitchen (photos:... Read more
60 small shelves, shelves and niches you can make
Most necessary and useful thing is a shelf, shelf or niche that you can put in a little corner, right? Beautify and give functionality to a dull wall or corner quickly! So, I’ve selected 60 small or medium sized furniture ideas that you can do (or you can have... Read more
Bathroom Shelves: +50 Charming Decorated Models!
Use shelves in bathroom creates more space for personal and decorative purposes. The bathroom shelf adds a touch of modernity and elegance in the decoration and here you check more than 50 models with designs and diverse materials that fit all tastes! Following the tone of the rest of... Read more