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20 photos and ideas to integrate a small kitchen open to the living room
Open kitchens integrated into the living room are the order of the day. In fact, this 2017 will be a trend in interior design. The kitchen is no longer a workplace isolated from the rest of the house; the new trends are directed towards open kitchens integrated into the... Read more
45 ideas to paint the living room in two colors
Painting a modern living room in two colors may give us a certain headache due to the huge number of colors available that we have and something that would help us a lot to decide what colors to use to paint our living room, it would be many photos... Read more
How to decorate a rectangular living room. 40 photos, ideas and tips
Each room has a shape, and each shape has its peculiarities. The most common, rectangular and square rooms, and in this article, we will explore how to decorate a rectangular room. With photos, ideas and advice. I have separated them into two groups: rectangular rooms with a generous size... Read more
17 ideas to decorate and paint a turquoise living room
I have to admit that I see few salons in turquoise for how beautiful this color is and how much people like it, a fact that I know from experience. Perhaps it is because it is a bold color with great force and it may seem at first somewhat... Read more
17 ideas to paint and decorate a living room or room in brown
17 ideas to paint and decorate a living room or room in brown Within the many colors for living rooms and rooms that exist, brown is one of the most elegant colors that exist if you know how to use well; In addition to being warm, it also adapts... Read more