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10 rules to decorate the bedroom that will help you get the perfect decoration
A decorator bases his work on his own inspiration, on his natural or learned talent and on knowing how to understand what he needs and asks for the space in which he is working. Yes, all these relatively abstract properties are necessary to correctly execute a project, but it... Read more
Home trends 2020: Main rules for interior color combinations
Knowledge of the color combinations of interiors should free you from boring solutions for “safe” design. Home Trends 2020 welcome bright colors and bold, playful combinations. Such interior colors require a certain level of competence for implementation, but the result is worth it! You will forget boring “traditional” beige... Read more
10 rules to decorate a room that you must know to make it perfect
Photograph by Ana Morais de CASULO The decoration is based on the natural or learned talent of the decorator, on instinct, on knowing how to read and listen to the spaces to know what they ask for and need. Yes, all this is true, it requires a kind of... Read more