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47 Dining Room Rugs That Give a Modernity and Sophistication Show

47 Dining Room Rugs That Give a Modernity and Sophistication Show

It is doubtful which dining room rug to choose? We will help! A dining room rug is an excellent choice when decorating, as it makes the atmosphere more pleasant and makes all the difference in terms sophistication! Here you give 47 ideas that will inspire you!

Neutral-colored rugs make the dining room more harmonious.

The shape of the rug following the shape of the table makes the environment pleasant to look at.

Neutral tones make the space exquisite.

Different prints become a highlight in the decoration!

Shag rugs are also good options in the dining room!

The horizontal stripes are a contrast to the table in an upright position.

The mat-like table-top mat harmonizes the ambience.

Larger spaces call for larger carpets! Invest in a rug that embraces the environment.

Luxurious dining rooms are perfect with horizontal rugs.

The pattern combination may seem risky, but it’s a hit in the right colors!

Simpler designs can make a difference in a modern decor.

Pattern matching rug is a contemporary item.

Soft-toned rugs are the perfect finish to any decor, especially with color.

Modern prints combine with bold decorations.

An environmentally-friendly carpet set makes the room more sophisticated.

Geometric prints go well with modern decorations

Neutral rugs add a natural feel to the dining room décor.

Color is life! Colorful carpets give movement to large environments.

A more rustic décor calls for a neutral rug. Shag rugs are a great choice!

Makes your dining room more inviting with a cozy rug.

Rugs that accompany the ambient color palette leave the space unique.

Sisal rugs combine beautifully with rustic décor.

Bet on the mix of tones! Rugs without a set pattern are contemporary.

The sisal rug breaks modern decorations in a positive way.

Rectangular rug emphasizes the open concept dining room.

As modern as the decor is, a classic rug will always match perfectly.

The tone of the rug matching the tone of the furniture makes the dining room more harmonious.

Round tables can be accompanied by square rugs! The combination of shapes highlights the dining room.

Flamboyant colored rugs give the environment more authenticity.

Geometric shapes are modern and on the rise. Bet it!

The modern décor with a sober rug make the room clean.

The larger-than-table rug, in round sets, gives a comfortable feel.

Modern prints value environmental design

Use colors! A bright and colorful dining room is more inviting.

The combination of neutral tones gives the rustic decor a youthful feel.

Basic and charming! A light-colored dining room appeals to everyone.

Industrial decorations can be made more comfortable with a beautiful linen rug.

More discreet graphics are ideal for luxurious environments.

Do you like a relaxed air? Look for colorful rugs that will make your dining room more youthful.

Small prints help give the illusion of a larger room size.

A comfortable shag rug will make your dining room even more cozy.

Round shapes highlight the dining room.

Basic that works! If doubt arises, bet on the traditional.

Colors and shapes are charming tools in decoration. Use without fear!

The tone of the carpet matches the tone of the chairs making the atmosphere more pleasant.

Rugs are excellent options for heating tiled environments.

Did you find these tips interesting? Check out more in the next posts!

How to combine rugs, curtains and sofas in practice

arquiteturadoimovel micasarevista

I get many doubts about combining rugs, curtains and sofas in the decor. So, it’s good for us to talk even more about it! I will present to you photos of rooms where the choice of carpet was well made and explain why.

For a good choice of carpet color, it is necessary to analyze the colors of SOFA, FLOOR, WALLS, CURTAINS and GREATER FURNITURE (in that order, Due to the proximity to the carpet) and DECIDE if you want the carpet to CALL OR NON ATTENTION.

The couch smooth, neutral and lighter color is the easiest to combine. But it makes a big difference if the floor and walls are light or dark and whether you want the carpet to have a strong presence or not:

architectedimovel micasarevista

A carpet in similar color to the sofa, smooth or in a discreet pattern as in the photo, combines super well, whatever the colors of walls and curtains. But do not notice that the carpet almost disappears when the floor is also clear. (photo: architected)


If you want the carpet to “show up” more, color darker than the sofa. Being neutral, there is more possibility to combine with the rest of the room. If not, choose a color that already exists in the room (or spread some objects with this color). (photo: dailydreamdecor)

See these examples:


Carpet in a similar tone but much darker than the color of the sofa, and in the following pictures, carpets patterned with a color background similar to the sofa and the blues present in objects in the environment (photos: CasaAbril, Evelyn Müller (project Ana Yoshida) and asarquitetas)

In any of the above environments, curtains in color similar to that of the sofa, rug or walls facilitate the combination.

But what if the walls are dark?

The dark carpet can darken the room! It is a matter of taste and desire, but it is good to always seek balance in the tones of the colors used to create contrasts. Look:


Here, despite the sofa and light floor, the walls are dark and a dark carpet could make the environment half sad. The carpet with light background and dark print matched perfectly and brought more joy (photo: r-design)

jeitodecasa Carolina Ourosala-modern-sofa-of-corner

In this room, even with the dark walls, a black carpet was chosen. To compensate, the tables are light yellow and yellow.This is a device you can use: Increase the amount of light objects and furniture if you want a dark carpet in a dark room (photo: jeitodecasa)

In these environments curtains in the color similar to that of the sofa or in the same color but lighter than the walls match well.

What if the walls are in vivid color?

You can use the above tips (with attention to light / dark contrast balance) and spread some items with color similar to that of the wall in bright color (the larger the wall, the less objects in the same color) or:

claudia april c90563806997

Wolocar a printed rug that has the colors of the sofa and wall (and you can add a color from the same family – here oranges and reds, hot colors – and even a counter temperature color – in this case, blue, which is cold). In this case, neutral curtains similar to the color of the sofa or beige look good. And it is also worth spreading objects in the colors of the rug. Few. And you do not have to repeat exactly the colors … use lighter and darker colors.

And the dark couches?


When the sofa is dark, choose carpet in the same color or very similar, generally not sure: The set gets heavy … Use neutral or similar colors and much clearer It gets better. On the left, curtains in beige, brown or white would match perfectly. On the right, the curtains could be in gray, white or blue, colors that exist in the room.

If you want something more cheerful, use rug stamped with the color of the sofa and another neutral or some color that exists in the environment:


In the photo on the right, the rug has the black of the sofa and the white that cheers, helps to illuminate and stands out on the dark floor. Gray or white curtains would look good. In the photo on the left, the rug has the middle gray of the sofa, white and shades of blue. See that there are blue elements in the room and that the curtain follows the color of the wall, but it could be light blue or gray as well.

casaeinterni arredamento-mescolare-stili-industriale-scandinavo-mediterraneo-6_thumb

Here a very specific situation (light and dark sofas together) that demonstrates an idea that works, whether you have light or dark sofas in neutral tones in NEUTRAL ENVIRONMENTS: Rug in color more vivid, in simple print with colors that do not stand out too much. Add fewer objects in similar colors or in the same color family as the carpet. It will bring vivacity to the room (photo: casaeinterni)

What if the sofa and the walls are dark?

verychique modern rugs-for-livingroom-small-

In this case, I suggest that the carpet have light colors. If the floor is clear, as above, use plain background prints, like this one. Here, the curtains can be similar to the colors of the sofa or walls, but light so as not to darken the room further (photo: verychique)

More tips?

If you want to use a colorful rug, see this post where I give Tips for Choosing and Using Colored Carpet Safely and in this post I show several rug combinations that work.

If you have problems like: Low light room and dark furniture or want to give a cheer in your living room or che bought a sofa in a strong color and now he does not know what to do in this post I have answers to these questions that can be resolved with a choice rug.

Kitchen Rugs: 31 Models for Every Taste!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

Kitchen Carpets help make the room more cozy, modern, cheerful and elegant! Here you can find designs of crocheted, patterned, traditional style treadmills, sets and more, with different colors, from the most discreet to the most vibrant tones!

Black, white and gray combined in a geometric design. So, the kitchen rug helps to give a more modern touch and at the same time, elegant to the room!

For crochet lovers, it’s worth a personalized and very delicate model!

How about a more discreet little model? This, for example, did not give up the elegance!

Look what a most beautiful and delicate set of crochet rugs for kitchen! You stop to admire, right?

Strong and vibrant colors for the more eclectic and who like to decorate with creativity!

The traditional models of rugs can also go a give complemented in the decoration of the kitchen with canopy!

The non-slip mats can also give an up on the kitchen decor!

How about a treadmill rug? This luxury kitchen has become more sophisticated with the arabesque print and the neutral color of the decor item!

One more option for anyone who wants simplicity! The rustic rug matched with the super-cozy kitchen decor with straw and wood elements!

Crochet, again, is always welcome!

Neutral sets mingle on the floor and serve more to create texture than anything else.

Larger rugs modify the environment and cause more impact on the decor.

The treadmill rug creates a fluid connection between kitchen spaces.

The sets with colors bring, in addition to texture, an interesting contrast to the environment.

You can use colors as you wish in sets!

The rug can match the colors used in the environment, creating a harmony in the decoration.

The rugs in the center of the room help to increase the space.

The embroidered treadmills give a charming and homey feel.

Sink rugs have the advantage of protecting the floor against water and keeping the area clean.

The walkways also help to delimit the environment, separating the common areas from the kitchen areas.

Striped carpets are always on the rise!

Carpets with prints and shapes are less obvious and allow the expression of creativity.

The stripes on the floor act like the stripes on the clothes: they lengthen the rooms.

How about a pink-colored treadmill for more delicacy in the room?

The prints are bold and very beautiful!

Placing the carpet assemblies in the kitchen can also greatly modify the environment.

Look how cute the carpet reflected in the modernity of the appliances!

Kitchen rugs are a way to break the seriousness of the room …

And bring color and joy to an environment that could become overly impersonal.

You can use a kitchen rug to give the room the look you want!


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