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Trends 2019 – Rooms and Rooms

Australian Homesbinary-house-tdf-5-1000x1290

We already talked about the colors, the wallpapers, the bathrooms and the kitchens and now, to complete, let’s talk about the 2019 trends for rooms and bedrooms. For this series of posts besides my pitacos, I did a good research on the bets that big blogs, national and foreign are doing. I hope you take the opportunity to be inspired by your reforms or constructions, but do not fail to follow your taste and your desire. After all, it’s your house, right?

Australian Homesbinary-house-tdf-5-1000x1290

Chic industrial style, Japanese touches, plants, concrete, black frames, light wood (photo: Australian Homes)

As I said before, a nicely decorated house (or apartment) has harmony, a sense of unity, that makes you feel like you’re “in the same house”

CASA TRÈS CHICbfc032ee75

Transparencies, crystals, boiserie (photo: Casatreschic)

And the best is when this “something in common” is subtle and not just something that repeats itself. As for example, use a small palette of colors but used in a different way by varying the amount or tone of each color in each environment.

Daily Dream Decorneutral-and-cozy-space-cover

Rusticity, ethnic prints, basketwork, “straw”, earthy colors, plants (photo: Daily Dream Decor)

Due to the necessity of this harmony, several tendencies about which I have already spoken will also be in the rooms and rooms, such as:


Curves (photo: tdc)

O Chic industrial style, at earthy colors (very present in the palettes of the year), O concrete / burnt cement, style ringtones Art Deco, Vintage, Minimalist, Japanese and Scandinavian, O granilite, a light wood Thethe 3D and geometric coatings more delicate curves / organic shapes, at plants, at transparencies and the and squadrias in black in partitions.

VM designblogg 50Torino

Geometric multicolored paints (photo: Cosedicasa)

But specifically for the rooms and the rooms we can still find the following trends:

A) Geometric and creative multicolored paintings on the walls – A subject I’ve talked about in this post, it seems that having a wall in one color as a highlight is really changing. Another wave that we have here on the walls are the boiseries (those frames of wood, plaster, polyurethane or even cement that form designs on the walls)


Ripted, macrame, light wood (photos: tdc and thestylefiles)

B) Macramê and tapestries on the walls – Macramê began to appear to support plants and we are already seeing some environments with panels in this technique, besides some tapestry gracing the walls.


Basketry, rustic materials, earthy colors, dry plants (photo: tdc)

C) Rustic materials in carpets, furniture, lamps and basketwork – Simple natural or with tribal prints.


Straw on headboard and dry arrangement (photo: tdc)

D) The straw on furniture, fixtures and partitions – She’s coming back hard. And she is beautiful! There is also the ripped used as a partition and in detail on the walls, etc.


Straw on the armchair and earthy colors (photo: tdc)

E) Handmade, rustic and “imperfect” accessories – Perhaps due to the Japanese style that is appearing in detail, you may notice the amount of decorating accessories with this footprint.

xavel ed099e68be38_EFCrcvp

Plants, earthy, ethnic, rustic (photo: xavel)

F) Arrangements with dehydrated plants (dry arrangements) “I’m not sure why, but the point is, I see a lot of these arrangements out there and even mixed up with beautiful green and living plants. Depending on the arrangement can range from giving romantic touch to a minimalist environment to a maximalist touch when “exaggerated.”

VM designbloggCDL_17th_CF015678st

Wall Tapestry (photo: VM designblogg)

Well, it has a tendency that does not end and of course you can choose which one to use and not even use any … Because who owns your house is you, after all! But of course when looking for coatings, furniture, accessories or see magazines and websites will, of course, come up against them countless times. 

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