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Living Coral dining rooms: color of the year 2019

comedores living coral

As we recently announced to you, Pantone has selected coral as the color of the year 2019. So we will be seeing this cheerful color everywhere in fashion and of course in interior design. Today we want to present you Living Coral dining rooms, so that you can take ideas and bring the color of the year to every corner of your home.

living coral dining roomsPhoto via simplyirresistibledesigns.blogspot.com

The easiest and fastest way to integrate Living Coral into your dining room is by painting the walls with this striking and warm color. But, you do not have to paint all the walls, giving it a coral tone to accent a wall will be more than enough.

living coral dining roomsPhoto via apartmenttherapy.com

Another option is to refresh the dining room, changing the upholstery of the chairs for a Living Coral colored fabric. Surely your dining room needed a sweetie and so you can give it to him, you will love it!

living coral dining rooms

If you have a breakfast bar or breakfast nook, it will also come in handy to add a Living Coral touch to the upholstery or accessories. Color will bring it to life!

living coral dining roomsPhoto via ballarddesigns.com

An elegant and eye-catching way to add Living Coral to your dining room is with curtains. Add coral curtains and flowers and you are sure to make your dining room look vibrant.

living coral dining roomsPhoto via toddrichesininteriors.com

Living Coral dining rooms look spectacular. Go ahead and make a change!

12 Beautiful Ideas That You Can Make Yourself To Decorate The Walls Of Your Girls’ Rooms.

12 Beautiful Ideas That You Can Make Yourself To Decorate The Walls Of Your Girls' Rooms.

Look here you are 12 beautiful ideas that you can make yourself to decorate the walls of your girls’ rooms. They are beautiful very modern and decorative ideas that you will love to decorate.

Let your creativity fly with all these ideas that will surely be very useful to decorate your girls’ rooms. See how you can adapt the toys or what to put on the walls to decorate. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …


SHELVES TO ORGANIZE AND DECORATE: Without a doubt, this is a very good idea to organize toys and decorate your girls’ room at the same time.


THE SKY ON THE WALL: It is a great idea to illuminate and decorate your girls’ room. Beautiful clouds with stars on the wall will look great and make them feel more comfortable at bedtime.


LARGE PAPER FLOWERS: If you want to learn how to make this beautiful decoration for the walls of your girls’ room, CLICK HERE


WALL DECORATION IN SHARED ROOMS: If you have a girl and a boy, this idea is excellent for decorating the shared room with one side of a pink color and the other side of blue.


HOUSES ON THE WALL: Grab some pieces of pallet boards and put together little houses. Paint them or line them with contact paper on the inside and you will see how beautiful they will look on the wall of the room.


POSTERS WITH DRAWINGS: You can print posters in giant size and paint them however you like in the colors you prefer. Create a not-so-thick frame with wood and voila! So you will have a beautiful, very original wall decoration.


UNICORN FIGURE: Make beautiful giant paper flowers and create with them a beautiful unicorn that will make everyone fall in love. It is a very beautiful decoration for the girls room.


THE ENTERTAINMENT CORNER: With pieces of wood and recycled paper, you can make various objects such as paintings, paper garlands, among others.


DRAWINGS ON THE WALL: This is a great idea that will allow you to save a lot of money on decorating a girls room. And you will also make a professional decoration like a magazine.

IDEA 10:

FLOWERS ON THE WALL: The secret to decorating a wall with flowers like the one you see here is using the decoupage technique. Paint the wall and glue large flowers with white glue. The room will look spectacular!

IDEA 11:

WOODEN PICTURES: As you can see, recycled wood will always help you make things at home that are very useful and very decorative. Recycle wood and create paintings and decorate rooms for girls with them.

IDEA 12:

BEAUTIFUL CROWN: Create a large wreath out of recycled material and hang tulle fabric from it. With it you will decorate your girls’ room in a very original way.

IMPORTANT: If you know the author of the image, write to us to give him the credits.

Decoration of living rooms with pink sofas

Decoration of living rooms with pink sofas

Do you have a pink sofa? Congratulations, because the originality and the possibilities of creating a living room or any other space where you have the sofa, modern and sparkling, are on your side.

Perhaps at first it may seem somewhat risky to buy a pink sofa, and it is true that it limits us a bit when it comes to combining colors, but, as I say, only a little; Well, as we are going to see in this article in which we have prepared a beautiful collection of modern living rooms, where the main focus of attention, the star piece, is the pink sofa, we can create environments … well, extraordinary, at least.

So, if you look ideas to decorate a living room with a pink sofa or doubt whether to buy one, these photos and suggestions will help you.

A living room with a pink sofa

Photography @Yessica | Crooshouse

Words are practically unnecessary, the environment that we can create by integrating a pink sofa is spectacular. Delight in this wonder of living room, take ideas, notes and inspiration, but do not stop there, there are many more images.

A living room with a pink sofa

Photography @Gemma | welsh1930srenovation

Smaller but in a stronger and more striking pink so that it continues to have the same presence.

A living room in full color with a pink sofa

Photography At Home With Ashley

If your decorative style is something more… contemporary, perhaps current, don’t be afraid to integrate a pink sofa; well combined with successful colors as in the image above these lines, it is phenomenal.

A living room with a pink sofa

Photography @husetvidklippan

For a Nordic-style living room, where the color palette is mostly black and white. A great choice to create a decorative effect wow! Don’t you think?

With Nordic touches, almost bordering on minimalism. Another style that we can approach if we want, integrating a pink sofa.

A living room with a pink sofa

Vintage Revivals Photography and Design

Everything in perfect sync, nothing out of tune, everything fits. Perfect.

A living room with a pink sofa

Photography and design by Cupcakes and Cashmere

For a style with boho details it seems that a pink sofa fits perfectly. A soft pink that accompanies the palette is a success.

A living room with a pink sofa

Kave Home sofa and furniture

By defining a space with neutral colors, we have a wider margin to add colors. We see it in the upstairs living room of Kave Home, where the pink sofa is the protagonist of the space, as the rest of the elements are in neutral tones.

If we cannot or want to buy a pink sofa, we can always put a pink cover on it that is very cheap and we have many designs and shades of pink, like these from Amazon.

Colors to paint and decorate childrens rooms

Colors to paint and decorate children's rooms

It is in a children’s room where we can expand and express ourselves more when applying color.

It can be applied in large doses anywhere, but it seems to be in children’s bedrooms where the best result is, and where it seems more appropriate, right?

Having said that, I have prepared several colors to decorate a nursery, which work very well. Take note that we start with these colors to paint a children’s room.

Pink color for children’s bedrooms

A children's room painted pink

Photography and project of Life Simply Styled by Me

This color combines the best of both parts of the color wheel. On the one hand it provides relaxation and on the other hand strength and energy as well as warmth.

Although everything depends on the shade of light pink it is. The softer the more relaxing.

But generally it is a color that invites relaxation, calm and affection.

The environments painted with this color acquire delicate nuances that can be absorbed by whoever inhabits that bedroom.

In short, pink is a wonderful color for children’s rooms. And, depending on the shade of pink, we will achieve one environment or another.

A children's room painted pink

Jotun Color and Photography

This bedroom is painted in a shade of salmon pink, stronger than a standard pink, and as you can see it is still sweet and decorative, although with more presence.

A children's room painted pink

Evgezmesi Photo

A soft pastel pink tone combined with white has been applied to this shared children’s room. As I said before, if pink is a pastel tone and combined with white, it creates a very sweet atmosphere.

You add wood in natural tones to the combination, you will also have a very warm bedroom.

In dusty pink, a shade of pink that closely resembles soft terracotta. Warm, natural, cozy … We can paint all the walls or create a painted skirting board.

A children's room painted pink

Seen on Pinterest

If combined with white it is spectacular. You can also add cold color accents like blue or green, among many others.

A children's room painted pink

Photograph of Souraya Hassan from Binti Home

We can also go to the opposite side, that is, use a very, very soft shade of pink, extremely soft, but with some saturation, like this beautiful pastel salmon pink that they have chosen to paint this baby’s bedroom.

Let’s see another color.

Blue color for children’s bedrooms

A blue painted Jotun children's room

Jotun Color and Photography

The blue color in children’s bedrooms has always been associated with the masculine character. You know, pink for girls, blue for boys. And although this is a boring cliche, the blue color for children’s rooms, either for girls or boys, is a great success.

It is a color that promotes calm and tranquility. In other words, it is a relaxing color. Among other things.

That is why it is ideal to fall asleep and calm the person who inhabits the room.

It also has a great advantage, and that is that being a color that is located in the cold part of the color circle, it creates the feeling that it is moving away, making small spaces visually larger.

Anyway, it all depends on what kind of blue and how it is combined. But what is clear is that it is a perfect color for these spaces.

Let’s see some examples of children’s bedrooms decorated and painted blue.

A blue painted children's room

Photography @mybellehouse

Again, in a greyish blue combined with white. And it is that this shade of blue is a trend in interiors, and especially for painting children’s bedrooms, since to the relaxation of blue itself, we must add the elegance of gray, which creates a very current color.

Let’s see another one.

A blue painted children's room

Photography and styling: I Spy Diy

In pastel tones, combined with white and with or without a drawing or pattern.

When pastel blue is combined with white, it makes the space brighter and furthermore, its calming effect is further enhanced.

In two shades of blue, in the form of a plinth with the darker shade below and the lighter shade above. A very nice and relaxing grayish blue.

Let’s keep going.

A blue painted children's room

Design and photography Craftaholics Anonymous

Striped in blue tones, one light to paint the rest of the room, and the other as a contrast in a darker blue.

Striped walls work very well in these spaces as they add dynamic decorative plus.

In addition, it is a very economical resource that adds decoration.

A child's room painted blue with spikes

Design and photography The Boo and the Boy

In dark blue, either to paint all the walls, one of them to create an accent wall or with a spike-shaped plinth, creating a decorative effect.

Let’s move on to another color.

Green color for children’s bedrooms

A children's room painted green

From Braizee to Project Nursery

Green is another very successful color to paint and decorate a children’s bedroom. Well, actually for any room since it is a color that is associated with nature, it is fresh and relaxing.

In addition, chromotherapy assigns other excellent qualities such as calming the mood, reducing tension, transmitting security and promoting brain activity.

Combined with white and good natural light, the green color is very appropriate to decorate children’s rooms.

Let’s see some examples.

A children's room painted green

Whaling City Cottage Photography

In an intense green with a lot of saturation, creating a most elegant space even though it is a children’s bedroom.

A children's room painted green

Life On Dunn Photography

Also in a nice dark green, painting a single wall. Carefully applied green is a wonderful color for these spaces and hard to fail with.

A children's room painted in mint green

Seen on Pinterest

In a fresh mint green, which combined with white creates bright and fresh spaces. Although we can also combine mint with other colors, if we do not want only white.

A children's room painted green

From Snpowell to Project Nursery

Another color that combines green very well for a children’s bedroom is blue. Better one of the two in small accents, but they combine very well.

Naturally, it all depends on the shade of green and how it is combined, to achieve one environment or another. To get it right, here you can see the colors that combine with green.

Now let’s move on to the next color.

Yellow color for children’s bedrooms

A yellow painted children's room

Seen on Pinterest

Yellow is a powerful color that promotes activity, striking, garish and recharges spaces a lot.

Although if it is combined well and in the right tone, like the other colors, it is a color that brings joy and happiness, as well as being one of the most effective light colors.

There are many shades of yellow and many combinations with other colors that we can use to paint a children’s room, as we will see below with these eyellow painted children’s bedroom examples, so you can get inspired and see how this color works in these spaces.

A yellow painted children's room

Seen on Pinterest

Combined with a grayish earth tone that is a serene color that lowers the strength of powerful yellow. The rest details in white and yellow to complete the scene.

A yellow painted children's room

Seen on Pinterest

If it seems very intense, you can try adding a touch of yellow by creating a drawing or geometric shape, giving a yellow presence to the entire bedroom, but without loading it.

A yellow painted children's room

Ensuus Photo

Mustard is another of the shades of yellow that you can use to paint the children’s room. It is a very happy but serene color. Combined with white it looks great. But you can also see here more colors that combine with mustard.

A yellow painted children's room

Photography and design Cactus and Olive

Although if there is a pair of colors that works well, that is yellow and gray. Sophisticated and modern.

As you see, it all depends on how it is combined and what shade is applied. To be on the safe side, you can see these colors that combine with yellow.

Orange color for children’s bedrooms

An orange painted children's room

Seen on Pinterest

Orange is a color that provides a lot of energy. You have to be very careful with it.

According to chromotherapy, this color stimulates appetite and conversation.

It is a very stimulating color and should be used with some caution. Although as we will see below, if it is well combined, it is very tempting to paint a children’s room, among many other spaces.

Let’s see some examples of orange painted children’s rooms.

An orange painted children's room

Seen on Pinterest

Combined with rose, very happy and fun. Full of color.

An orange painted children's room

Jan Calcaterra

Everything in orange. If it is what you prefer, better that the bedroom has good lighting, combine it with white and use a less saturated shade of orange, and you will not have a problem.

Let’s turn to red.

Red color for children’s bedrooms

A red painted children's room

Photograph and terracotta red color of Jotun

Red is a very powerful color, with tremendous energy.

This color stimulates action, passion and aggressiveness according to chromotherapy.

For all these adjectives, and being in the hot part of the color wheel, it is a color to be used with caution and well combined with other colors to soften it.

For example, red combines very well with white, gray and earth tones. Colors that soften so much energy.

This color requires a lot of natural light to be well received, but if it is combined well, it looks great, as we will see in these examples of children’s rooms painted red.

A red painted children's room

Photography and design Baby Loving Mama

As I say, grays and whites are perfect colors to combine with red. For two reasons.

The first, they soften so much power and are bright.

Second, that the resulting contrast with red is so powerful that a single wall of red that we put in will suffice.

A red painted children's room

Photography and design I Heart Nap Time

We can also combine it with earth tones, either in plain, or as they have done in I Heart Nap Time, painting a wall with red, beige and navy blue stripes, adding red with subtlety but with success.

A red painted children's room

We can also go for a less saturated, softer shade of red, which still has the power, energy and vitality of red, but is brighter and less saturating.

They are just some examples of red painted children’s bedrooms. As you can imagine the list of tones and combinations is endless. If you are interested in this option, by doing a quick internet search you can find hundreds of photos of red children’s rooms to inspire you.

Now let’s move on to another color.

Lilac color for children’s bedrooms

A lilac painted children's room

Sharlene Home Photography and Design

Along with blue and pink, it is one of the most recommended colors for interiors, as lilac tones are relaxing and visually very attractive.

A lilac painted children's room

The Fancy Shack Photography

It also has the advantage of making the spaces larger since being a “cold” color it creates the feeling that the walls are moving away, like the blue and green that we have seen.

Combined with white or with a pink tone, it creates sweetened and enveloping environments, in addition to allowing it to be combined with many other colors, as we can see here in the colors that combine with lilac and mauve on walls and decoration, creating different environments.

They are neither the best nor mandatory, but these colors to paint a children’s room that we just saw, work very well.

Planned Rooms: Incredible Models Decorated with Modernity

Incredible Models Decorated with Modernity

1. With the planned room it is possible to make the environment much more beautiful and cozy

2. It’s easier! All work is intermediated by a company, which designs, produces, delivers and assembles

3. It is possible to create comfortable environments, even with little space

4. This room is ideal for your and your family’s relaxation

5. Panel designed for the room helps to value the environment

? See also Planned Kitchen Models

6. Hanging rack with panel is widely used in this type of room

7. The planned dining room is very functional and great for receiving guests

8. With the planned dining room it is possible to invest in lighting

9. Planned lounge bar brings personality to the home

? Don’t Miss Planned Rooms

10. Planned kitchen with dining and living room

11. Planned room panel

12. Rack designed with side windows and central shelves

13. The shelf in the planned TV room helps in organizing this room

14. Small planned room, extremely comfortable

15. A compact and multifunctional home theater unit is the key piece in this type of room

? Take a look at these Planned Bathrooms

16. A living room bar shows elegance, irreverence and great taste

17. Tv room planned in harmony with the dining room

18. Panel designed for TV room with rack

19. It is easy to adapt furniture to the environment in a planned room

20. Home theater planned for room

21. It is a great option for those who want to gain space

22. Planned room with simple panel

23. Planned room in an apartment

24. Bookshelf for planned tv room

25. Furniture designed for a small room

26. Furniture designed for the living room with a light and natural design

27. Apartment with room and planned furniture

28. Furniture designed for a TV room

29. Living and dining room planned in balance giving a clean touch to the environment

30. The planned room leaves your home your way

Now that you have just enjoyed these 30 inspirations of room planned for your home, enjoy and also look at +40 Modern and Elegant Small Room Racks! and 70 Passionate Living Room Panel Designs. And if you want to know where to order and what is the value of the planned room, check out: D&C Móveis Planados and Vittrine Arquitetura to make your budget!

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