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50 Bathroom Flooring Options with Materials and Prices to Get Inspired
There are different types of bathroom floors, before choosing it is necessary to look for options with good durability for wet areas, after all, can not puff or damage with contact with water. In addition, of course, the aesthetic appeal, which should match the style of the residents. Check... Read more
+50 Kitchen Countertops with Materials and Prices to Choose From
Get inspired by the kitchen countertop model that will fit your project perfectly. We have put together kitchen countertops for you to use in the American or conventional kitchen, which are practical and have various types of flooring to meet your needs. Explore the selection and save your favorite... Read more
Planned Kitchen – 50 Models with Prices and Used Materials
Check out the planned kitchen projects we’ve selected and get inspired to invest in yours! Your planned kitchen can have everything: cabinets, counters, island, and here you will also see planned corner kitchens that are projects that make even more of the small spaces. And of course, all very... Read more