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20 photos and ideas to make headboards for children and youth
If you are thinking of how to decorate a children’s or youth room, there are many allies with whom you can play to give that magical touch to the room. Among those allies are the children’s headboards. And it is that with the headboards we can create that magic... Read more
Room decoration. Photos, ideas and tips
The room decoration or classrooms is an extremely important task in any home. I do not think it goes without saying how essential it is to endow the living room, the nerve center of a house, with character, and print our own style; injecting doses of colors, textures and... Read more
Decoration of long corridors: photos and ideas for a stylish corridor
They say that small spaces are more complicated to decorate, and although in part this statement is right, it is when it comes to decorating large spaces, such as decorating long corridors, where more you have to throw ingenuity so that the entire extension is not excessive or repetitive,... Read more
25 photos and ideas to create a reading corner at home, charming and stylish
For those of us who like to read, we know how to appreciate both a good book and a good space to delight ourselves with the pleasure of reading, right? A quiet space, without noise, with light, warm, comfortable … And where is such a space? Exactly, inside our... Read more
Baby shower decoration. 57 photos and ideas for the party
A baby shower party It is a perfect time to gather friends and family in a festive atmosphere, to celebrate the birth of the future newborn, giving gifts, usually for the baby, to the happy parents. In the baby shower, relatively new here in Spain, they eat sweets like... Read more
How to decorate an office. Photos, ideas and tips.
Not long ago we received an email where a user asked us advice to decorate your officeThat question led us to think about whether we had an article where we offered tips, ideas and photos on how to decorate an office, and we realized that after thousands of articles... Read more
+ 60 photos and ideas to make an original and modern headboard
Lately we are seeing how there is an emerging fashion that grows by leaps and bounds, so much that it can no longer be called even fashion, right now it is a full-fledged trend, and that trend is precisely the decorate, create or manufacture our own headboards for the... Read more
51 Pink Bathrooms With Tips
Pink is deemed an ‘intimate’ colour if you’re to follow colour theory. It is said to represent the love of oneself, and to promote inner peace. In that knowledge, it’s hard to deny that pink makes a fully fitting choice for our bathrooms where we want nothing more than... Read more
60 Photos and ideas on how to decorate a modern bathroom or toilet
One of the most complex spaces of decorate of a home together with the kitchens, without a doubt are the bathrooms. These have a greater degree of difficulty due to several factors: their size, their use, special coatings, etc. I receive several emails and comments on the blog about... Read more
High desks: Ideas, photos, benefits and information.
As several studies have shown, working sitting many hours a day is very harmful to physical and even mental health. Because of this, a new modality for work has begun that is booming: elevated desks, standing desk, or standing desks. These desks that force us to work standing, instead... Read more
100 photos and ideas to paint and decorate bedrooms, rooms or modern rooms
There are many emails and comments that you leave on the blog asking me about how to paint a modern room, what colors are best combined, how to paint a room with this or that color of furniture … etc. And, although I feel flattered by your questions and... Read more
50 kitchens with Central Island – Modern and contemporary style
The kitchen with the central island is very much in demand by people who want to have a practical element in this environment, without neglecting the modern and contemporary style. The reference for this type of kitchen comes from the American style, which has an architecture with generous environments... Read more