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101 decoration ideas for small bedrooms, rooms and rooms
Looking for ideas to decorate a bedroom, room or small room? Then get ready to satisfy that search with this collection of 101 photos and decorating ideas for small bedrooms that we have collected. They are modern bedrooms, very stylish, naturally, small; Each one has a different decoration, so... Read more
15 charming little dining rooms
The other day designing a small dining room for a client (the one you can see above these lines) I realized that I did not have an article on the blog with tips and ideas for designing a charming small dining room. And the truth is something that they... Read more
Decoration of modern small rooms. 50 photos and ideas
Decorating a small modern living room correctly no longer hides secrets as we have seen over the years in Mil Ideas, with the hundreds of ideas for decorating living rooms that we have been enjoying. However, decoration is an art that continues to be updated and makes us continue... Read more