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5 rooms in pastel colors that you will love
Spring is coming and we all want to give it a refresh to the house for the season of color and flowers. Today we want to present you 5 rooms in pastel colors so that you can take ideas and give your home a make-up Spring-Summer. Pastel tones bring... Read more
17 ideas to decorate a room in pastel colors
The pastel shades They have the goodness of creating very particular spaces thanks to the inherent serenity of these colors. A room decorated with pastel tones is a place, as I say, serene, but also sophisticated, and also, with a good dose of color that you always saw and... Read more
17 enveloping rooms in different pastel shades
The pastel colored rooms well decorated, like the ones we are going to see next, create an enveloping atmosphere, intoxicating, and all this, thanks to the pastel tones, whether applied to the walls, textiles, furniture or other elements. If this is your intention, be prepared to take note of... Read more