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Interiors That Use Plants As Part Of The Palette
We all love to have a little house plant dotted here and there, to breathe a bit of life into the home and connect us with nature even when we’re spending time tucked away indoors. However, our little foliaged friends are often an afterthought when it comes to planning... Read more
The thousand ways to share environments without walls (part 3)
Sharing a multifunctional environment is super important for organizing circulation, decorating and making things work well indoors. So I made this series of posts about ways to share environments (click to see the first post). This is the last one. I am sure you will find the best way... Read more
The thousand ways to share environments without walls (part 2)
Continuing the list of the various ways to divide walls without walls (click to see the 1st part), let’s go to more examples of very nice partitions for your integrated apartment: 6) Bookshelves: The shelf is a functional partition, which may or may not be leaked (increasing or not... Read more
12 ways to distribute furniture in a 3 × 3 room – Part 2
And let’s now see the other 6 ways you can use to distribute the furniture in your 3x3m bedroom, with its advantages and disadvantages. The first 6 are here. Distribution 7 Similar to distribution 4 of the previous post, only putting the area with more space near the window.... Read more
My trip to Europe – Part 4 – Vatican
And continuing this sharing of my trip to Europe with you, now I will speak and show you a little of the Vatican. Although it is so close to the hotel where I stayed I was able to walk (do not go because you will be walking there soooo... Read more
My trip to Europe – Part 5 – Lisbon
And finally I reach the end of my trip: Lisbon. And I will tell you: I should have separated more days for this beautiful and welcoming city, which won my heart still on the plane. 25 de Abril Bridge, which connects Lisbon to Almada, view of the plane, on... Read more