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Trendy colors to paint the kitchen
Painting the kitchen is surely the first idea that comes to mind when looking to reform the most visited area of ​​the house. And it is that in the kitchen we spend much of the day and share beautiful moments with the family, so we want this space to... Read more
15 ideas to paint a headboard on the wall and decorate the bedroom
Paint is the most versatile decorative resource available, and also very economical. We can make all kinds of creations with it. Any design is fit. We can even define or create a painted headboard, if we do not have a headboard, we do not fit or we do not... Read more
Colors to paint and decorate childrens rooms
It is in a children’s room where we can expand and express ourselves more when applying color. It can be applied in large doses anywhere, but it seems to be in children’s bedrooms where the best result is, and where it seems more appropriate, right? Having said that, I... Read more
What color to paint the walls of the living room with brown furniture
There are too many shades of brown on furniture and too many colors to match with them to list them all and create a list of the colors to paint the walls that match brown furniture. It would be an unproductive task, in addition to titanic. Also, as we... Read more
30 ideas to paint and decorate a gray room
Painting and decorating a gray room is a great idea for a modern and contemporary space, as long as gray is applied and combined correctly, of course. And these 30 well-decorated gray rooms, with their different shades of gray, how to combine them and other tips that we will... Read more
17 ideas to paint and decorate a living room with white furniture
Paint and decorate a living room with white furniture it is, in theory, very simple; we shouldn’t have any problems, in a perfect world, of course. Because even though white matches any other color and it is suitable for all decorative styles, if not combined well, it may create... Read more
40 color combinations to paint a room
You could say that there is an infinite number of color combinations to paint the room, and would not be lying or exaggerating, although, of course, not all of them would combine or be very appropriate to say. And although 40 color combinations to paint the room they cannot... Read more
10 perfect colors to paint the bedroom according to Feng Shui
The color in a bedroom where you want to practice Feng Shui is essential. Why? Well, because it is the base on which the rest of the Feng Shui decoration will be designed, and if the base is incorrect or not appropriate, it doesn’t matter what you do next.... Read more
13 ideas to paint and decorate walls with gotelé
As much as they want to romanticize it, the gotelé is a hindrance to our walls, because it limits us when it comes to decorating them, since we cannot put wallpaper, among other coatings so fashionable, and how well they would be in our house. Even so, there are... Read more
The 10 best colors to paint a room
Above all, it should be noted that any color, and I say any, is used to paint a room or any other space while you like it. The ideal would be to take into account many other factors, such as lighting, space and other elements, as well as the... Read more
Colors to paint a female or female bedroom
First of all, I would like to clarify that there are no specific colors to paint a bedroom for women, nor for women. Blue for pink boys for girls is a boring and obsolete cliché. So what colors are suitable for painting a woman’s bedroom? You will be wondering.... Read more
17 ideas to paint a modern living room
In the same color, combining two, or several, with trend tones, with some decorative painting technique … There are many ways to paint a modern room and give it a special air thanks to the paint, like these 17 rooms that we have prepared, all they painted with different... Read more