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Electric Curtain: 30 Stunning Options for Living Room, Bedroom and Garage
1. The electric curtain is a practical and versatile option 2. It is great for the harmony of space 3. Is responsible for controlling the brightness 4. Help in protecting furniture and objects Via: Peggy Prendeville 5. Fits many projects, from living to kitchen, from bedroom to balcony ?... Read more
Retro Bathroom: 40 Decorating Options Full of Elegance and Delicacy
1. The retro bathroom is the right bet for those who want to revisit the past 2. It nostalgically pays homage to certain aspects of decor that were successful years ago 3. It ends up being an excellent option for those looking for a unique and original environment when... Read more
Rustic Texture: 30 Charming Options to Get Inspired with Advantages of Use
The boom of the texture effect on the wall arrived in Brazil in the 90s, becoming a “fever” and since then its use has only increased, and one of the most used types of texture is rustic. The word that can define the rustic texture is versatile. It provides... Read more
Masonry Kitchen: 30 Classic and Rustic Options to Get Inspired
For those who love exclusivity, a good option for decoration and furniture for your home are the masonry furniture. In addition to exclusivity, a perfect advantage of masonry furniture is durability. In this post, we separated 30 images of masonry kitchen for you to be inspired and decorate your... Read more
Double Headboard: 20 Cheap and Creative Options to Choose
Since the box beds became famous, the different models of headboards for double beds have become the darlings in the world of bedroom decoration. What pleases most about the double headboards are the versatility, modernity and warmth that they can bring to the environment. Check out 20 creative and... Read more
50 Bathroom Flooring Options with Materials and Prices to Get Inspired
There are different types of bathroom floors, before choosing it is necessary to look for options with good durability for wet areas, after all, can not puff or damage with contact with water. In addition, of course, the aesthetic appeal, which should match the style of the residents. Check... Read more
One Space Two Design Options
We rarely get to see two different interior designs for the same space, but this pair of visualisations let us do exactly that. Visualised by Alex Yagodin, both options have a swish modern feel with curvaceous furniture and commanding monochrome backdrops. However, by adjusting the colour palette, the ambience... Read more
Living Room Chandelier – 50 Options for All Styles
Check out inspirations of living room chandeliers that will help you choose the ideal model for your type of decoration! The chandeliers can be used in the dining, living or TV rooms, in the integrated rooms and in the high ceilings, where you can install the functional and decorative... Read more
50 Kitchen Floors with Various Material Options
Check out the kitchen floors that can fit into any design style. Are you planning on choosing a vinyl or ceramic kitchen floor? We will show you the best inspirations and also other types of materials, models and prints to use in the environment that is the heart of... Read more
60 Montessori Room Options That Are a Flush Explosion!
If you want to set up a montessorian bedroom for child, keep an eye on the 60 decor references below! Borrowing from Education, the Montessorian method preaches the development of kid from their own aptitudes. When talking about Design, the technique aims to enable children to perform simple activities,... Read more