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22 open plan living room designs and modern interior ideas
Open living room designs can emphasize a spacious loft style of living or offer space-saving ideas for decorating small apartments and houses. “Newdecoratingtrends” shares open living room designs and beautiful furnishing ideas that can inspire readers to create multifunctional, more spacious and more modern living spaces for a contemporary... Read more
A touch of luxury – 27 ideas for open wardrobe systems
Are you a woman and dream of a room where you have lots of closets and thousands of clothes? Or are you a gentleman and would like to dress up like James Bond in a special room with lots of wardrobes? Imagine – the doors are open, the lights... Read more
15 bathrooms open to the bedroom. A concept full of possibilities
The concept of a bathroom open to the bedroom or a bedroom open to the bathroom is somewhat controversial, since it has many detractors, but also supporters, and it does not quite take root. However, today, there are many people who choose that their bedroom and bathroom are without... Read more
10 ideas and solutions to open the kitchen to the living room
Open the kitchen to the living room by breaking down a wall, in the beginning all are advantages, since in addition to gaining useful meters and a feeling of spaciousness, the lighting is also improved allowing it to penetrate more, without obstacles. But good planning is required to make... Read more
Kitchens open to the living room – Tips for renovation and decoration
Kitchens open to living room or kitchen integrated into the living room or “living room, bedroom, kitchen, all together”… I’ve talked about it here. but let’s talk about the time you have decided that you are going to renovate or build and you really want to have a kitchen... Read more