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The 50 most beautiful modern white kitchens
It is somewhat presumptuous to say that these are the most beautiful modern white kitchens but I have to admit that each and every one of them is absolutely beautiful, perfectly decorated and all are very current. Some have a minimalist style, with straight and pure lines; others are... Read more
10 main trends in modern kitchens
If you are going to design your new kitchen, I imagine that you will be looking for and learning about new trends, to have a modern kitchen, to the last. You don’t buy a new kitchen every day, right? Well, among the many trends that come and go, there... Read more
Reed Stool: Classic, Modern and Elegant to Be Inspired
The reed stools in addition to exuding charm are great, because with the right care they can last for years. Being able to combine with the most varied places in the house they are perfectly matched with the most varied styles of decoration. We have separated 30 examples of... Read more