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Bedroom with Bathroom: +50 Models to Use in Your Suite Project
Having a room with a bathroom – the famous suite – is a true consumer dream, don’t you think? And although it seems exclusive to big houses, today we are going to prove that it is possible to have a small room with a bathroom. We separated some incredible... Read more
PVC Curtain: Various Advantages and Models to Inspire
1. PVC curtain blinds, takes up less space and combined very well with the house Via: Link 7 2. The PVC light curtain helps to control the temperature Via: Reduce 3. It also allows you to regulate the amount of light in the room Via: Paulo Cezar Layouts 4.... Read more
25 Decorated Office Models with Library
Incorporate the office with a private library in your home is a great choice! An library integrated into the office it can be possible through planned cabinets, shelves, bookcases, in short, everything that fits in the decoration of the office and that allows the correct accommodation of all your... Read more
70 Kitchen Cabinets with Different Materials and Models
Choose kitchen cabinets in your style: white, wooden, black … There are several kitchen cabinets and there is also a corner, lacquer, with niches and handles. You can even combine several types! Check it out, get inspired, save your favorite models and share the post with those who are... Read more
Bathroom Floor: 20 Models to Choose the Ideal
When choosing the bathroom floor, it is necessary to take into account that this space should offer tranquility, comfort, practicality and beauty. In addition to preventing inconvenience, such as a leak in a neighbor’s bathroom. For all this, when building or renovating your home, take the time to find... Read more
Decorating a Double Room with 70 Practical Models
Looking for complete and modern double bedroom inspirations? Check out the double bedroom decorating projects that we separated to find that dream room, whether planned, small or modular! It is with great elegance that each model will win you over! If there is something that is super hot it... Read more
70 Models 3D Wallpaper for Living Room, Bedroom and Kitchen
With 3D wallpaper you can add depth and texture to the environment. For the living room and bedroom, it is worth betting on 3D wallpaper that allows the use of colors and shapes in a more relaxed and unusual way to make the walls an elementary part of the... Read more
30 Models of Glass Door for Bathroom
In the bathroom, glass has always been present in the use of the shower stall, but with modernity taking over homes, the use of glass doors in the bathroom has been possible, especially at the entrance to the room, providing more integration between the environments and a modern look... Read more
Planned Kitchen Cabinet: 50 Models for All Spaces
THE planned kitchen cabinet is one of the most important choices to have the kitchen of your dreams! There are several models that exist: large, small, colorful, mirrored and also from the simplest to the most modern. To help you choose this piece of furniture so important for the... Read more
Bedroom Table: 40 Models that Value the Environment
For those who like to keep the room well organized and who need a space for study or work in the room, we have separated incredible models of bedroom table that value the environment well, especially those that do not have much space. Check below forty beautiful and modern... Read more
Door to Room: 30 Models for Every Type of Space
THE door to bedroom it is a very important choice for the composition of your room, since it is the first view that everyone has before entering it. There are several models that we can choose to compose our room, so see below which are the most suitable for... Read more
Italian Cuisine: 30 Inspiring Models with Tips and Price
1. With the Italínea kitchen you can leave the space with your face and customize it according to your needs 2. It is the solution to optimize time in the daily routine and maintain a good organization 3. Makes the environment functional for you and your family 4. The... Read more