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Dark Decor With Alluring Lighting
It’s easy to see how bright and vivid home interiors draw attention, but what about the homes of those who revel in darker delights? These two deliciously dark interior tours are filled with alluring lighting schemes, which transform shadowy decor into scintillating scenes. Cutting edge track lighting systems slice... Read more
Kitchen Lighting
More important than the aesthetic issue – the beauty of the fixtures – is the good kitchen lighting planning: After all, the kitchen is a work environment where many activities require good light. Project: Neo Arq (central cold light and led strip with yellow light and spot in spot... Read more
Bathroom with Glass Blocks: Lighting and Elegance!
Use glass bricks in the decoration promotes lighting and a touch of elegance. To decorate toilets with glass blocks is a good alternative for dividing wall-shaped spaces, creating the box in a more creative way or even creating “windows” and tilting! Alternatives available in Bathroom Decorations with Glass Blocks... Read more
Baby Room Lighting – 4 Tips For You
An important item in your baby’s room is the lighting. Both natural and artificial. It’s important to always remember that this little person was recently in a dark place and did not know the light, right? Here are 4 tips not to miss: 1) Cradle away from the window... Read more
Trends 2019 – Lighting
To conclude this series in which I have already talked about colors, wallpapers, bathrooms and kitchens and rooms and rooms, let’s talk now about trends for 2019 in lighting, one of the most important points of decoration. Illumination in the ceiling lighter and linear, led strips in delicate effects... Read more