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51 Inspirational Red Kitchens With Tips & Accessories To Help You Design Yours
Intense and not to everyone’s taste, red kitchens can be controversial. With that said, we’re here to prove the awesome power of the bold red kitchen aesthetic – I mean, if the colour is a favourite of Superman’s then its a favourite of ours too. Red can be your... Read more
Farmhouse kitchens are all the rage
In the XXI century, era of cybernetics and one-click communications, we continue to long for the simple life of the countryside and nature. The decoration does not escape these nostalgia and uses the combination of elements from yesterday and today to create very welcoming spaces. The kitchens farmhouse They... Read more
Smoothed microcement in kitchens – Construction in interior environments
Today from Remodeling Ideas we share some ideas for cladding with smoothed microcement in kitchens, you can use it on countertops, floors and walls. The smooth cement it is booming in recent times. Widely used in interior decoration, be it for its low cost, for the easy maintenance it... Read more
10 modern Schmidt kitchens that bring together the main trends for kitchens
As in all areas, in the kitchen, trends emerge, styles and materials are renewed and fashions are updated, resulting from time to time certain very defined trends that dominate the current market. So, I have selected 10 modern Schmidt kitchens that incorporate the latest trends, whether in their finishes,... Read more
45 Small Planned Kitchens That Will Enchant You!
Having a small planned kitchen means enjoying practicality, organization, functionality and a lot of beauty, of course! The planned kitchens that you can check out here are incredible projects that are sure to make you fall in love! There are several models of cabinets planned, kitchens with island, American,... Read more
25 Elegant Black Unique Kitchens
The black kitchens they are timeless, but today, more than ever, they are fashionable: they are trend. Still, it is understandable that doubts arise in the face of such a daring challenge; but, if it is designed properly, doubts dissipate and envy appears. The envy of your guests when... Read more
Kitchens in L Shaped 20 designs that will conquer you
If you are looking for a kitchen with an efficient distribution or the floor of your kitchen is long and narrow, L-shaped kitchens are the best option. Its design in L allows you to create an optimal work area, since the so-called “working triangle” that form the sink, the... Read more
Black sinks for different kitchens
Black sinks are the last of the elements that have joined the trend of black kitchens, along with the faucet also in black. Naturally, black sinks are not exclusive to this type of kitchen, but, as with white ceramic or stone sinks and traditional stainless steel sinks, blacks can... Read more
17 modern pink kitchens that will conquer you
Care must be taken when choosing a pink kitchen because if the color is not well managed or not combined correctly with the rest of colors and materials, the result may seem like a toy kitchen, without style, even extravagant. But when pink is combined with a successful design... Read more
50 Wonderful One Wall Kitchens And Tips You Can Use From Them
You’ve got just one wall on which to set a run of kitchen cabinets… doesn’t really set the creative juices flowing – or does it? One wall kitchen designs often require us to get even more creative with our space to ensure that every culinary need is met in... Read more
Kitchens without tiles, different and daring
That goes ahead that, although the kitchen without tiles have become fashionable, the best material to cover a kitchen is the tile: It is economical, is well cleaned, there is a huge range of different designs and resists moisture and the passage of Time as few materials. This makes... Read more
15 white kitchens with well-designed island full of ideas and solutions
White kitchens with island, with the space well used, distributed in different formats, intelligent, full of ideas and solutions; but also modern and beautiful, very beautiful. So are these 15 white kitchens, all with island, which we have prepared for you to take good note of all its solutions... Read more