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Kitchen Storage – How to Make Kitchen Spaces Functional
Welcome Remodeling Ideas, the space on the web that asks its users to find instant solutions to problems that arise within the home. In this way, we can decorate the house and make it a more functional space. Today we will talk about kitchen storage, due to the difficulties... Read more
Modern kitchen diner – Innovate in your home with these interior decorations
For several years in Remodeling Ideas We look at every detail of the house and get involved in sharing solutions to our readers. That is why every day we try to share quality content with which each one can innovate in the interior decoration of home. In this way,... Read more
Coatings for kitchen backsplash
If you are in the process of designing your new kitchen or remodeling it, you should take into consideration the coatings for the backsplash. And it is that as part of the design of our kitchen, we must select the appropriate materials so that it not only looks good... Read more
10 very practical and modern kitchen islands
The kitchen islands they are very practical and functional. It is an ideal space to prepare food, share with the family and even to do homework! Although a kitchen island takes up space, it is an area that well used, can be very functional and even serve as storage.... Read more
Movable Kitchen Islands – Functional Home Furniture
Welcome one more time Remodeling Ideas, the space that guarantees luxury ideas for our users. Whenever we want to innovate in interior decoration we must take into account the pros and cons. In this case we will tell you about some spectacular ideas for any type of kitchen. The... Read more
Current colors for kitchen cabinets
In 2020 I showed 30 current colors for small kitchen cabinets, so it is time to update the colors of the cabinets with the new launches and trends that appeared in the period, right? But there’s nothing much you like and want the colors of the previous post, ok?... Read more
American Kitchen Counter

American Kitchen Counter

Kitchen 22 September 2020 0

The American kitchen is the style that integrates the kitchen with the home. By adapting it with different designs you can build your perfect kitchen. In this post we separated incredible inspirations from counters that can perfectly match your American kitchen. 1. Kitchen island counter, modern and beautiful 2.... Read more
15 tiled kitchen countertops
Lately we have seen how marble has been introduced in modern kitchens practically eclipsing other more traditional materials such as tile, although we must never forget its versatility to cover walls, floors and countertops. And it is that for anyone who is in love with ceramics and wants tiling... Read more
Kitchen Niches: +50 How to Use Ideas!
The kitchen niche is an excellent bet to make the environment more organized, functional, modern and more beautiful. The niches go well in American kitchens, along with shelves and cabinets, in small kitchens and can be made of wood, MDF and even made with crates! Check here a selection... Read more
Franke and his proposals for the decoration of a kitchen to the last
It is not only necessary to look for beautiful designs and the best finishes for our kitchen; Nowadays, factors as important as efficiency, cleanliness and sanitation, within a kitchen, are essential to label it modern; to be up to date. Franke, the leading Swiss multinational in intelligent kitchen systems... Read more
70 Kitchen Cabinets with Different Materials and Models
Choose kitchen cabinets in your style: white, wooden, black … There are several kitchen cabinets and there is also a corner, lacquer, with niches and handles. You can even combine several types! Check it out, get inspired, save your favorite models and share the post with those who are... Read more
Tips for organizing pots and lids in the kitchen
The kitchen is one of the most important environments in the home. In most homes, family life revolves around it. Just like food, the various household items that make up everyday life in the kitchen are essential. But, to achieve practicality and time optimization, which is always scarce, organizing... Read more