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Modern Blue Dining Rooms – Innovative Interior Decorations
In Remodeling Ideas we are aware of daily problems and that is why we have put ourselves to work to solve all those that arise in our homes. In addition, one of the problems that usually go through our head is the color that we will use to paint... Read more
Small Room Decoration – Innovative Interior Designs
At Ideas para Remodelar we are constantly looking for a solution to each problem. So we find ourselves in the need to share ideas about small room decor. In this way we can fully enjoy the room and make space a problem in our daily lives. We recommend you... Read more
Floating glass bathtub brings innovative design to modern interiors
Innovative glass bathtub that challenges traditional interior design A glass ball shaped bathtub is innovative, extravagant and impressive. The bathsphere by designer Alexander Zhukovsky gives the modern bathroom design a futuristic feeling and offers the possibility to decorate modern bathroom interiors with a spectacular hanging lamp from the glass-ceiling... Read more