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Wooden houses and forts for children
They do not need much more than their imagination to have fun, but if we have a garden in which to locate one of these small houses and forts for children that we bring today, the imagination of the little ones will overflow tirelessly playing the long summer afternoons.... Read more
Modern garden houses: The uniqueness of the tree house
Modern garden sheds today have a strange representative, which is gaining more and more popularity – the tree house. The unique beauty of the tree house What is a tree house? A quiet place where you can dream for the future, place of happy children’s games or rather an... Read more
Balconies, balconies and terraces for houses
A very common question for many people is the difference between these three elements that are part of building a residence. The balconies are usually an extension of the living room, which are located in front of the house. The balconies are more common in apartments because they are... Read more
Stirring in the paintings of others & houses
I do not know you, but I often go crazy to tinker with the decor of the house of others, especially the paintings. I think it’s OCD, people! When I feel it I put my hands in my pocket and I’m crazy to get home to do it in... Read more