Home Decor & Inspirational Ideas and Tips
Small office at home or apartment
Working at home is an activity that more and more people are doing. And if you want to play in entrepreneurship and you have a room or a corner in your home or apartment and you want to start your entrepreneurial activities there by turning the room into an... Read more
Small bathroom design ideas, remodeling inspirations and home staging tips
Small bathroom design ideas, bathroom remodeling and home staging tips can help solve problems of small spaces and to create beautiful, comfortable and modern bathrooms in small spaces. Lushome shares small bathroom framing inspirations and home-stage tips for attractive, stylish and functional small bathroom design. Decorating small interior design... Read more
25 photos and ideas to create a reading corner at home, charming and stylish
For those of us who like to read, we know how to appreciate both a good book and a good space to delight ourselves with the pleasure of reading, right? A quiet space, without noise, with light, warm, comfortable … And where is such a space? Exactly, inside our... Read more
15 ideas to make a home bathroom cabinet
I will not go into the reasons you have for wanting to make a home bathroom cabinet. The only thing that matters is that you want to do it and I have collected some ideas for it. With wood, metal, concrete, rustic, double, contemporary … There are ideas to... Read more
Ideas to hide, decorate and camouflage radiators at home
I imagine that in the future the heating of the houses happens to leave the radiators aside and add radiant floor, leaving the walls free of radiators and water pipes for heating. But for now, we do not like radiators, no matter how beautiful, we have to put up... Read more
2 Cool Home Interiors With Art That Pops On Concrete
If you’d like to showcase some art around your home but are not quite sure what pieces will work, or how best to display them, then you’ve come to the right place. These two modern home interiors use cool concrete decor as a backdrop for vibrant wall art. We’re... Read more
Learn to paint murals on the walls and transform your home into a unique space
Although the murals have been imposed in decoration as one of the most used wall coverings, they do not have the charm of hand-painted murals. They can be cheaper and easier to install, but they will never have the “soul” of a mural painted on the wall. The work... Read more
Accessories enhancing the decoration of your home
Decorating without well-chosen accessories is like a birthday party without the cake… (photos: coco + kelley and casatreschic) But too many accessories in the decoration are like a party with more than a birthday cake. Both are equally strange… (photos: deardesigner) And since accessories aren’t as easy to organize... Read more
40 ideas to integrate a home office, large or small
Integrating an office at home is more a matter of imagination than of real lack of space in many cases, since today we have solutions such as shelves, shelves, shelves, boards and tables at a very economical price, which offer us such versatility that they are allowed to be... Read more
Ideas to decorate corners, areas and spaces “dead” at home
The other day I heard a girl complain on social media that there were few ideas for decorating corners, areas and dead spaces at home in blogs and magazines, and I said, I will look in the blog. And the case is that he is right. I didn’t have... Read more
How to hide a beam, column, projection, … inside a home
Many of you ask me how to hide, cover, or hide a beam, column or other projecting structural element. Normally they are headaches because we like it or not, that beam or column will not disappear and we have to live with it. And the truth that little can... Read more
Bohemian Style Home Decor: Accessories, Images And Tips To Help You Decorate
Bohemian style home decor has such a cool laid back vibe. At first glance the look seems to have an anything goes kinda feel. However, if you’ve ever tried just throwing random bits and pieces into a room, you will know that it’s not quite that simple to achieve... Read more