Home Decor & Inspirational Ideas and Tips
Stepping Softly Into Green Home Interiors Under 90sqm (With Floor Plans)
Softly, softly does it with these peaceful green accent interiors. The colour inclusions are pale and sparing layers upon peaceful and understated grey, white, and woodtone spaces. The green theme brings a hint of energy to the first floor living rooms of these two double story homes, and freshens... Read more
Step by step to make a home garden
Guys, our gardening and landscaping editor, Marcia Nassrallah, decided to make a vegetable garden at her house! And isn’t it that she did the step by step to make a home garden for people ???? Let’s see! And there’s video on Simple Decoration Channel on You Tube showing the... Read more
Small bathroom design ideas and home staging tips for small spaces
Space-saving bathtub with shower, mirrored wall design Small bathroom design can be very bright, comfortable and stylish. Space-saving design and furniture placement in the bathroom, combined with bright bathroom colors and simple, tidy bathroom decorations make small rooms functional and beautiful.Lushome’s collection of small bathroom design ideas can be... Read more
Dark Green And Handsome Home Interiors
Dark green and handsome, these three home interiors each take a tall stand on style. The first two of our dreamy dark green interiors have an offbeat sort of edge. Hot pink accents burst onto the scene via outrageous wall art and unique art sculptures. Quirky personality particularly shines... Read more
10 ideas to make a plasterboard cabinet at home
A client recently wanted to take advantage of a small wall in her home to put the tv cabinet there. The fact is that the standard tv furniture we saw did not take full advantage of the wall, and it had to be done, since the space was right.... Read more
Bathroom decor ideas: Dreamy shabby chic bathroom for your home
Airy adorable shabby chic bathrooms really made for the soul rest! Let’s get acquainted with the history of the style. Designer Rachel Ashwell uses antique, rococo, baroque items and handmade magic for her own interior design. This unique style has admired people. Her shabby chic style soon became famous... Read more
Home design ideas: Mid Century interior decoration, furniture and walls
Mid Century Interior is gaining popularity again. Perhaps it is a secret, hidden in its functionality, brightness and style. No wonder it was also called Mid Century Modern because it contains Scandinavian style functionality, the usual saturated colors of the American interior, modern flowing lines and natural forms in... Read more
How to keep your home organized and safe in quarantine
At this moment it is crucial that you keep your home organized in order to face more safely this invisible enemy that is only defeated with constant attention, organization and cleanliness. So, I have selected tips that will help you increase the safety of home hygiene so that this... Read more
What to do to have a quieter home office
Talking about tranquility at this time is difficult, but it is what we all need. So, I will give you some tips that may help you to spend this period in the best way and trying to maintain good productivity in your home office. photo: Casacasada The Main –... Read more
Container house – The dream home?
In the past, containers were used only to efficiently transport large quantities of goods, as temporary accommodation in emergencies and renovations, or as accommodation on large construction sites. Today the containers are also used in another way – in the field of modern architecture. Recently, especially in the USA,... Read more
Home trends 2020: Main rules for interior color combinations
Knowledge of the color combinations of interiors should free you from boring solutions for “safe” design. Home Trends 2020 welcome bright colors and bold, playful combinations. Such interior colors require a certain level of competence for implementation, but the result is worth it! You will forget boring “traditional” beige... Read more
Modern Christmas Decoration –  Happy Christmas And Holidays
Wishing you the very best this season! Visualizer: Vizline Studio Visualizer: Silver Bell Visualizer: Hi-lite Design Visualizer: Rubic Tm Visualizer: Tung Le Visualizer: Home Design HD-m2 Visualizer: Marcelo Duarte Visualizer: Iryna Nalyvaiko Read more