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15 effective solutions to hide light boxes, counters, thermostats and other wall elements
In general, they do not tend to bother much, neither physically nor aesthetically, but there are many occasions in which the happy box of lights is like an ugly “glob” in the middle of an important wall, decoratively speaking. And the truth is that although there is aesthetic progress... Read more
Ideas to hide, decorate and camouflage radiators at home
I imagine that in the future the heating of the houses happens to leave the radiators aside and add radiant floor, leaving the walls free of radiators and water pipes for heating. But for now, we do not like radiators, no matter how beautiful, we have to put up... Read more
14 ideas to hide indoor and outdoor air conditioning
The new models of air conditioning are increasingly sophisticated, both technologically speaking and aesthetically. They are better integrated into the decoration, even some add style. But those of us who already have our traditional air conditioner, white, ugly, a hulk on the wall, or we camouflage it or hide... Read more
How to hide a beam, column, projection, … inside a home
Many of you ask me how to hide, cover, or hide a beam, column or other projecting structural element. Normally they are headaches because we like it or not, that beam or column will not disappear and we have to live with it. And the truth that little can... Read more