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13 Great Ideas How To Decorate Your Stove This Christmas
This is one more idea to decorate your kitchen at Christmas. You can decorate the fridge, your kitchen cabinets, appliances, and now I bring you these ideas so that you can also decorate the oven door of your stove. You will see that with these ideas, your kitchen will... Read more
12 great DIY Halloween cupcake toppers
Cupcakes are No. 1 dessert at every party, i think. You can bake them yourself or buy some, but how can you look so you like Halloween? Add funny cupcake toppers! Today you will find many free printables to choose from: bats, graveyard, crime scene bunting, various funny animals... Read more
50 charming modern bedrooms that embody a great design
Decorating a modern bedroom with total success requires something more than a good choice of colors and materials, since in the bedroom not only a good design is sought, but something more important: a space that favors rest. And this is something that can collide with the idea of... Read more
20 very small kitchens with great space and decoration tricks
My kitchen is very, very small, just over 7 m², but I comfortably unwind in it. I love my kitchen. And that has been thanks to the fact that I have no choice but to throw ingenuity and solutions and adapt them to my space until I have achieved... Read more
25 great storage and organization ideas for a small kitchen
In a small kitchen you have to squeeze to the last millimeter to optimize your storage and organization space, and be able to work and make life in it comfortably, regardless of the meters you have. Don’t you think this would be ideal? Therefore, any advice, trick or idea,... Read more