Bathroom Glass Shelves
Glass bathroom shelves are great allies when it comes to the beauty and organization of the environment. They can be of various models, as well as they can be used in several places: under the sink, on top of the vase, directly associated with the mirror and even in... Read more
30 Models of Glass Door for Bathroom
In the bathroom, glass has always been present in the use of the shower stall, but with modernity taking over homes, the use of glass doors in the bathroom has been possible, especially at the entrance to the room, providing more integration between the environments and a modern look... Read more
Floating glass bathtub brings innovative design to modern interiors
Innovative glass bathtub that challenges traditional interior design A glass ball shaped bathtub is innovative, extravagant and impressive. The bathsphere by designer Alexander Zhukovsky gives the modern bathroom design a futuristic feeling and offers the possibility to decorate modern bathroom interiors with a spectacular hanging lamp from the glass-ceiling... Read more
Bathroom with Glass Blocks: Lighting and Elegance!
Use glass bricks in the decoration promotes lighting and a touch of elegance. To decorate toilets with glass blocks is a good alternative for dividing wall-shaped spaces, creating the box in a more creative way or even creating “windows” and tilting! Alternatives available in Bathroom Decorations with Glass Blocks... Read more