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Modern furniture for the terrace and patio
If you like modern terrace and patio furniture, this article is for you. Summer is the perfect time for you to think about what pieces of furniture to place outdoors. And, mainly, in how to enjoy this outdoor space with family and friends. It is the perfect season to... Read more
Remodel your closet with these modern wardrobe designs – Update your furniture
One realizes the importance of a closet when you don’t have one or when the one you have is very small. At that moment is when it crosses our minds that it is necessary to change. We all know that this piece of furniture is an essential part of... Read more
15 bedrooms renovated without works and without furniture, spectacular
Renovating a bedroom, the decoration or the style of it, can be achieved in several ways. There are many ways to reach that goal. One of them, the one we are going to see today, is without doing any works and without buying new furniture. In other words, renovating... Read more
How to choose the right furniture for the patio
Choosing the right furniture for the patio is not always so easy. With so many new designs on the market, it can be difficult for us to choose the ideal furniture for the exterior of the house. The types and styles of outdoor furniture are very varied and you... Read more
How to upholster furniture: the best ideas
If you are one of those people who in the morning sits with a cup of coffee or tea and you observe how your home, office is decorated … I confess that there are many of us who practice this exercise and see with a critical eye, thinking about... Read more
Movable Kitchen Islands – Functional Home Furniture
Welcome one more time Remodeling Ideas, the space that guarantees luxury ideas for our users. Whenever we want to innovate in interior decoration we must take into account the pros and cons. In this case we will tell you about some spectacular ideas for any type of kitchen. The... Read more
15 ways to distribute furniture in a square room
As a personal exercise and to answer various questions that reach us in the mail and in the comments about how to distribute furniture in a square living room, I have created 15 plans with different arrangements of furniture in a square living room of 20 m². These meters... Read more
What color to paint the walls of the living room with brown furniture
There are too many shades of brown on furniture and too many colors to match with them to list them all and create a list of the colors to paint the walls that match brown furniture. It would be an unproductive task, in addition to titanic. Also, as we... Read more
17 ideas to paint and decorate a living room with white furniture
Paint and decorate a living room with white furniture it is, in theory, very simple; we shouldn’t have any problems, in a perfect world, of course. Because even though white matches any other color and it is suitable for all decorative styles, if not combined well, it may create... Read more
Home design ideas: Mid Century interior decoration, furniture and walls
Mid Century Interior is gaining popularity again. Perhaps it is a secret, hidden in its functionality, brightness and style. No wonder it was also called Mid Century Modern because it contains Scandinavian style functionality, the usual saturated colors of the American interior, modern flowing lines and natural forms in... Read more
22 unique beds, designer furniture for the modern bedroom decoration
Unusual beds can make your life interesting and exciting. Unique bed design ideas help create memorable experiences, whether you’re looking for a traditional modern bedroom, contemporary or bedroom in eco-friendly villa decoration style. Unusual beds bring more fun into bedroom design, and Lushome shares some amazing bed design ideas... Read more
Ideas and tips to decorate with restored antique furniture
Furniture pieces recovered, inherited or bought in street markets have become popular because of the great presence they have in today’s interiors and the personality they give to contemporary spaces. Do you want to add a touch of distinction to your home? Follow me and discover the decorative power... Read more