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Stepping Softly Into Green Home Interiors Under 90sqm (With Floor Plans)
Softly, softly does it with these peaceful green accent interiors. The colour inclusions are pale and sparing layers upon peaceful and understated grey, white, and woodtone spaces. The green theme brings a hint of energy to the first floor living rooms of these two double story homes, and freshens... Read more
Bathroom Floor: 20 Models to Choose the Ideal
When choosing the bathroom floor, it is necessary to take into account that this space should offer tranquility, comfort, practicality and beauty. In addition to preventing inconvenience, such as a leak in a neighbor’s bathroom. For all this, when building or renovating your home, take the time to find... Read more
The parquet floor like luxury goods
Wooden floors are a kind of ageless classic that most people choose for their attractive appearance, pleasant structure and, above all, high quality. You have to choose the parquet floor very carefully, you will take care of it for years what will predict its properties and also the life... Read more
40 Tips for Choosing the Kitchen Wall Floor
Marble is for those who appreciate the nobility and ease of care with regard to cleanliness, although it is a rock it is very versatile as you can cut it and use it as you prefer in decoration. Via: melo_gabs See how it can convey sophistication and refinement to... Read more
Bathrooms with Marble: Sink, Countertop, Floor and Wall
Classic, rustic or modern, one bathroom with marble always looks stylish. Marble sinks and counter tops in bathroom add a touch of sophistication to any chosen color and pattern. The marble can still be placed on the wall or on the floor and leave the bathroom even more striking.... Read more