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10 main trends in modern kitchens
If you are going to design your new kitchen, I imagine that you will be looking for and learning about new trends, to have a modern kitchen, to the last. You don’t buy a new kitchen every day, right? Well, among the many trends that come and go, there... Read more
Decorating in black: painting interior doors black
Lately in Newdecoratingtrends we are seeing several ideas to decorate with black, such as bathrooms, some other elements, kitchens, even bedrooms as well, and, if you like black but it seems too radical to decorate an entire room in that color, you may need to start for a relatively... Read more
45 ideas to paint the living room in two colors
Painting a modern living room in two colors may give us a certain headache due to the huge number of colors available that we have and something that would help us a lot to decide what colors to use to paint our living room, it would be many photos... Read more
White and wooden bathrooms. The bathroom you are looking for is here
White and wood is the perfect combination to achieve a charming and modern bathroom. For several reasons. Among them, is that white makes the spaces bigger and brighter and combines with everything else, and wood, brings warmth, elegance and good taste to the spaces. There are many more reasons... Read more
Ideas for creating and integrating a desk or home office
Besides being practical, functional and comfortable, what do you ask of a home office, desk or office? That it is decorated with good taste so that it integrates into the decoration. Don’t you think it should be like this? That is why it is extremely important to create a... Read more