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30 photos to decorate a modern vintage bedroom
Decorating a modern vintage bedroom is easier than decorating a traditional vintage bedroom, as these modern vintage bedrooms that we are going to see below show us. And it is that, in the majority of occasions, it is enough to add some element of old style, that evokes past... Read more
20 ideas to paint a bedroom with dark colors and get it right
In the collective imagination, the idea that dark colors are complicated, risky, that they must be avoided, especially when it comes to painting a bedroom, is widespread. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each color, regardless of the tone value it carries, whether high or low, that is,... Read more
8 tricks to make the bedroom brighter at the moment
With some tricks, such as the ones we are going to see next, you will be able to light up your dark bedroom to finally come out of the darkness and stop looking like a cave. It does not matter that the orientation of the bedroom is lousy, or... Read more
Quick and cheap changes to transform your bedroom this spring
The days get longer, more light enters the spaces and good weather breaks into our home. It is time for change. Join me and discover these changes to transform your bedroom quickly and economically and turn it into a fresh and happy place for spring. Let us begin. Prepare... Read more