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6 DIY ideas to decorate and furnish your rental bathroom
It is not your home, but it is your home. And as such, you should feel comfortable in it, decorating any room that requires it; even the most difficult spaces to personalize when renting, such as the bathroom or kitchen. And, although we have limitations to decorate the bathroom... Read more
Let Your Girl Feel A Princess: 5 DIY Canopies For Kids’ Beds
Let your girl feel a princess Feel little princess, really not princess enough? Then make a canopy for your bed to mark that you’re the cutest and most girly! Choose some curtains or just tulle and find a large embroidery hoop; Sew and arrange the curtains as you like... Read more
12 cute and funny DIY star Christmas decorations
Stars are very popular for decoration and especially for Christmas decoration, they are a bit traditional. We already have some stars in common for decorating Christmas, and today I would like to add that some more are these star ornaments! You can find various materials, craft techniques and colors,... Read more
12 DIY Modern Christmas Wreaths For The Front Door
Wreaths are a traditional decoration for many celebrations and seasons and many of us have them on our front doors and in other places. Homemade wreaths are cheaper than buying retail wreaths, and they are much more customized than usual. Today we share a couple of cool DIYs to... Read more
28 ideas to make a cheap DIY kitchen island
It is not necessary to renounce the functionality and practicality of a kitchen island due to not having sufficient economic resources at the moment or due to space problems when having a small kitchen. As we will see below with these ideas for making a DIY kitchen islandWe can... Read more
9 DIY Geometric Pumpkins for Fall and Halloween
We continue to share and bold ideas for decorating pumpkins for fall and Halloween, and today’s roundup is devoted to geometric. Geometry is a timeless idea and it easily blends with any home decor, from boho to minimalist. Take a look at the tutorials to choose from! Sometimes you... Read more
DIY vintage clothespin wreath
If you like a sunburst mirror, then you could also like this budget friendly clothespin wreath that you can make. It’s super easy to make and has some vintage charm. Here’s what you need: Read more
12 great DIY Halloween cupcake toppers
Cupcakes are No. 1 dessert at every party, i think. You can bake them yourself or buy some, but how can you look so you like Halloween? Add funny cupcake toppers! Today you will find many free printables to choose from: bats, graveyard, crime scene bunting, various funny animals... Read more
DIY Knitting And Felt Seat Pad From the unspun wool
Any chair or stool can become more comfortable and comfier with a soft knit pad, let’s do it with this DIY project from lebenslustiger.com. Take 500g of unwoven wool roving and knit seat pads with your fingers in the smooth pattern, and of course you can also knit large... Read more
DIY Mini Easter Terrariums
We have told you some nice terrariums, and this is a cool Easter gift for your little kid. “Miniature chenille chicks, colored sand, mini easter eggs or pearls, tiny air plant, a glass votive or other small container, easter fallen tag, label & ribbon. First layer of colored sand... Read more
DIY 5 minutes Modern Gems Christmas tree
This is a super easy last minute Christmas tree for those who want to spend less on the Christmas decoration this year or who has not had a chance to make the festive yet! The supplies are fir branches, a vase / jar for branches, mini pens, scissors and... Read more
Delightful DIY Lighting Ideas You Will Want In Child’s Room – How To Make Glowing Clouds of Cotton?
Sometimes the decor of your home can become boring for you because you become so used to it that you don’t even notice it anymore. That is a clear sign that you need to change something if you want to carry on enjoying the decor of your home. But... Read more