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10 tips to create a peaceful corner in your home
What would be a corner of peace? A space that is, for you, quiet, cozy and comfortable, no matter how big it is. The important thing is that you are surrounded by things that are good for you to see, feel, smell, touch, drink, eat – positively activating all... Read more
12 tips for using colors in decoration
Colors are extremely important elements in the decoration. That’s why I keep talking about colors here. There are even series! Now I have selected 12 tips for using colors in decoration in order to bring, in addition to the visual aspect, solutions to issues of visual comfort, architectural problems... Read more
Tips for a more accessible and safe quarantined home
At this time when many are at home, care is super important to increase the security and accessibility of your home. A little slip and you can stop at a hospital in the middle of a pandemic. Therefore, observing all environments and changing what is possible is a great... Read more