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10 modern design and customizable sinks for a TOP bathroom
“It’s the little details that make the difference.” This phrase that you have heard more than once, I can assure you, as an interior designer, that there is nothing more true in this field. I have seen projects spoiled by not taking care of these little details. As well... Read more
51 Inspirational Red Kitchens With Tips & Accessories To Help You Design Yours
Intense and not to everyone’s taste, red kitchens can be controversial. With that said, we’re here to prove the awesome power of the bold red kitchen aesthetic – I mean, if the colour is a favourite of Superman’s then its a favourite of ours too. Red can be your... Read more
Modern Red And Blue Interior Design Inspiration
Red and blue accents thread an appealing upbeat vibe through light modern interiors. The vibrancy is contagious, lifting the mood of those who would live there or just come to visit. Interiors with richness and solidity of colour communicate warmth and strength of character, keeping the eye moving and... Read more
Best interior design: Country Interiors and Country Decor Ideas
The country interiors play a leading role between the latest trends and transform their new facets. Now country decor ideas not only give farmhouse charm, but also atmospheric introduction to a different culture. Perhaps the best interior design should offer limitless possibilities to the imagination, “travel” to comfort country,... Read more
51 Fantastic Front Door Entrance Ideas With Tips To Help You Design Yours
You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so why wouldn’t you make your front door entrance the absolute best it can be? These 51 front door entrance ideas each welcome you with a high-end “hello”, which sets the tone of what’s to come. You’ll find... Read more
Small bathroom design ideas and home staging tips for small spaces
Space-saving bathtub with shower, mirrored wall design Small bathroom design can be very bright, comfortable and stylish. Space-saving design and furniture placement in the bathroom, combined with bright bathroom colors and simple, tidy bathroom decorations make small rooms functional and beautiful.Newdecoratingtrends collection of small bathroom design ideas can be... Read more
Ceramic tile designs bring modern technology into modern interior design
Modern living room design with ceramic tiles, floor decoration Ceramic tile designs are timelessly elegant and popular choice for bathroom design. Ceramic tiles created with new technologies and high quality materials look fabulous and create a bright and modern living room design. Lushome shares modern living room and bathroom... Read more
22 small bathroom design ideas that mix functionality and style
Small bathroom design requires space-saving and functional solutions, elegant and compact design and bright room colors. Small apartments and houses that do not have a laundry room can benefit from bringing a compact set of washing machine and dryer into the bathroom. Lushome shares a collection of beautiful little... Read more
Design taps for modern bathrooms
To finish completing the aesthetics of a bathroom, it is the small details, the accents, such as the taps, with which we manage to close that scene in the best possible way. There is no use writing one of the most beautiful poems in the world, if we do... Read more
22 decoration ideas and bedroom colors
Modern bedroom design create beautiful and comfortable rooms, ideal for relaxation. Well-designed bedroom interiors improve mood and let people feel energy. Modern bedroom design trends and decoration ideas for bedroom interiors reflect the latest trends in colors and structures and help to create stylish living spaces for healthy and... Read more
Design trends 2020: Breathtaking interior illusions in design
Illusions become a new universal design trick. They not only show your originality, they also play a functional role: enlarging the space, dividing, masking boundaries, accentuating, distributing light, maintaining attention. Above all, the old tricks of enlargement sometimes cause boredom, so clever architectural solutions with optical illusions climb on... Read more
These are the elements you need to design an ultra modern bathroom
What is it that makes a space, for example a living room, modern in style beyond its architecture? The furniture and decorative elements that make it up, right? The same thing happens in a bathroom. It is the sanitary ware, furniture and other necessary elements that make the bathroom... Read more