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Cushions to decorate in Spring
One of the accessories that will undoubtedly give a refreshing and spring touch to your home are the decorative pillows. In addition, decorating with them is the fastest, easiest and safest way to renew a look. Just by changing the cushions, the space will look freshly renovated. Look at... Read more
Frameless modern sofas made of softly sprung cushions
This amazing, soft and modern sofa is perfect for a large open space. The frameless, stunning and unique piece of furniture makes a statement, adding a beautiful accent to contemporary interior design and creating a unique space. The Aster Pappusus is the sofa from Edra, www.edra.com/ and designed by... Read more
How to combine a gray sofa: Wall colors and cushions
Combine the colors of the walls and cushions with a gray sofa in the living room, or any other space in which it is available, it is really simple. Luckily, we are talking about the king of neutral colors, gray. But, although it is simple and does not require... Read more