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10 tips to create a peaceful corner in your home
What would be a corner of peace? A space that is, for you, quiet, cozy and comfortable, no matter how big it is. The important thing is that you are surrounded by things that make it good to see, feel, smell, touch, drink, eat – triggering in a positive... Read more
17 solutions to put television in the corner
Putting television in a corner, or in a corner, as some say, is a nuisance, you have to recognize it. But hey, if we have no choice, we will have to put it there as best we can, right? The fact is that a few months ago I did... Read more
25 photos and ideas to create a reading corner at home, charming and stylish
For those of us who like to read, we know how to appreciate both a good book and a good space to delight ourselves with the pleasure of reading, right? A quiet space, without noise, with light, warm, comfortable … And where is such a space? Exactly, inside our... Read more
A little corner for crafts at home
And a challenge in ever smaller environments: Get a space to exercise your handiwork, whether as a hobby or professionally. I selected some ideas for workspaces and material organization. Get inspired and get to work! A little piece of the room near the window. Here you will see that... Read more