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Curiosities about colors to decorate your home
The colors fascinate me, that’s why I always read, research and talk about their use in decoration. I love to research the curiosities about colors, like the influence of colors on themselves, how much they change our perception of space and some more that I will talk about below... Read more
12 tips for using colors in decoration
Colors are extremely important elements in the decoration. That’s why I keep talking about colors here. There are even series! Now I have selected 12 tips for using colors in decoration in order to bring, in addition to the visual aspect, solutions to issues of visual comfort, architectural problems... Read more
Salon Color Combinations
The colors we choose for our home help provide the right climate for a warm and well-being atmosphere. Through a good selection, combining with furniture or floors, it is possible to create the desired effect for your environment. Cold or warm colors, or even mixing everything, they are an... Read more